WorldThe Supreme Court of Brazil condemns the harassment of...

The Supreme Court of Brazil condemns the harassment of its judges by Bolsonaristas


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The president of the Supreme Court of BrazilRosa Weber, condemned this Monday the harassment suffered by some of the judges of the court by supporters of the president of the country, Jair Bolsonaroin New York (USA).

“The Federal Supreme Court repudiates the attacks suffered by court magistrates in New York”, said Weber, one of the eleven magistrates that make up Brazil’s highest court.

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Weber claimed that “democracy, founded on the pluralism of ideas and opinions”, it is “absolutely incompatible with acts of intolerance and violence, including moral, against any citizen”, as a form for “legitimize dissent”.

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Various videos circulating on social networks and that were released by local Brazilian media show supporters of the far-right leader seriously insulting and harassing members of the Supreme Court during his stay in New York.

Some judges of the court, including Luís Roberto Barroso, Gilmar Mendes, Alexandre de Moraes and Ricardo Lewandowski, are in that US city to participate in a series of conferences organized by business leaders.

Since the holding of the presidential elections, on October 30, supporters of Bolsonaro have refused to accept the defeat at the polls of the current ruler against the progressive leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, under the unfounded pretext that there was “fraud”.

Deputy Gleisi Hoffmann, president of Lula’s Workers’ Party (PT), also spoke on the matter and described it as “regrettable“that the judges of the Supreme “be persecuted and attacked.”

Brazil it needs harmony; the Democratic State of Law, assured and the ‘coup’, defeated”, expressed Hoffmann in his social networks.

The first days after the elections there were hundreds of blockades on the country’s highways, promoted by voters of the retired Army captain, who have also camped in Army barracks to call for a coup against the elected president.

Bolsonaro has not yet clearly recognized his defeat, although the Government has already begun the transition process with the team designated by Lula, who will assume power on January 1.

Throughout his term, which began in January 2019, Bolsonaro has publicly disqualified Supreme Court judges and accused them of maneuvering in favor of Lula, in addition to raising suspicions about the transparency of the voting system.

Source: Elcomercio

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