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The United States investigates reports that Russian missiles fell in Poland that killed two people

The Pentagon was cautious on Tuesday about the possible consequences of an alleged Russian attack on Polandnear the border with Ukrainewith two deaths, which for the moment has not been able to confirm.

US Department of Defense spokesman, Brigadier General Pat Ryderindicated in a press conference that his country is evaluating the information that appeared in the media.

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“I do not have any data to corroborate that there has been a missile bombardment” on Polish soil, he said. ryder.

According to the media, at least two people died on Tuesday from the impact of a Russian projectile in the Polish city of Przewodówin the province of Lublin (east).

In response to a question about what the US reaction would be if the attack against Poland, which is a NATO member, was confirmed, the spokesman did not want to speculate on hypotheses, but stressed the “security commitments” of his country and with Article V of the Atlantic Alliance, of collective defense.

“We have made it more than clear that we will defend every inch of NATO territory”warning.

Ryder noted that there are currently tens of thousands of Russian soldiers in Ukrainemany of whom have been mobilized by Moscow recently.

“We have seen an increase in those forces that are being sent to the war fronts as replacements,” explained.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley are scheduled to host the seventh contact group meeting on Ukrainewhich will take place virtually.

The meeting, Ryder detailed, “will allow the secretary, the chief of staff and world defense leaders to discuss the efforts underway to provide Ukraine with the means it needs to defend its sovereignty and Russian aggression.”

Source: Elcomercio

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