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Los Angeles: The moment a driver tries to run over 75 American police officers

members of the Los Angeles Police A 22-year-old man was arrested Thursday for running his car over 25 of a total of 75 California law enforcement recruits they were training. The event took place last Wednesday and images of the near-tragedy circulated on social networks.

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Nicholas Joseph Gutiérrez, the driver, was detained by agents in the framework of an investigation for the attempted murder of more than a dozen public force references, the county police department said in a brief statement that it released in your website.

Regarding the incident, it all started at 6:30 a.m. when a man driving an SUV turned onto the wrong side of the street in the Whittier area and plowed into a group of police recruits who were running down the street. Five of them were seriously injured.

Quickly, a fire department and lifeguards were present at the scene and assisted those who suffered the worst of the attack. Speaking to Europa Press, Sheriff Alex Villanueva described the scene: “It looked like a plane crash. There were so many bodies scattered with different injuries. It was traumatic.”

At the moment Gutiérrez was identified and detained, an alcohol test was performed on him. According to local authorities, it was negative. It remains to carry out inquiries related to the use and/or abuse of another type of substance – such as narcotics – ingested while driving.

The 22-year-old will appear in court this Friday, according to prison documents. It is not yet clear if the defendant has a defense attorney speaking on his behalf. So far, the reasons that led the young man to act in this way are also unknown.

According to sources with the county Sheriff’s Department, authorities set bail at $2 million.

The main hypothesis of the LAPD

According to Villanueva, according to an interview he had with the Los Angeles Times, the individual did it “intentionally.” “After an exhaustive process of interviews with those involved, a study of the video surveillance and the physical evidence obtained, we believe that it is a deliberate act,” she explained.

By: “La Nación”, from Argentina / GDA

Source: Elcomercio

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