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Zelensky asks Russian troops to abandon and stop bombing Zaporizhzhia

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyhas insisted this Monday that the troops of Russia They must leave the nuclear power plant Zaporizhzhya and stop bombarding it to avoid radiological risks and guarantee the energy security of Ukraine and Europe.

In his usual late-night speech, the Ukrainian leader has stated that they are working to ensure the implementation of the order of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) “to stop any hostile activity against Ukraine’s nuclear facilities.”

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”And for this, the demilitarization of the nuclear power plant of Zaporizhzhya it is extremely important. Russia must withdraw all its fighters from there and stop bombing the station.” has secured.

Zelensky referred to this issue this Monday night when commenting on the conversation he had with French President Emmanuel Macron in which they addressed, among other issues, nuclear safety and the safety of the station Zaporizhzhya.

Regarding the energy problems caused by the Russian attacks, he explained that the situation is “particularly difficult” in the Ukrainian capital kyiv and in its region, as well as in Vinnytsia, Sumy, Ternopil, Cherkasy, Odesa “and some other cities and districts.”

For this reason, the Ukrainian president has asked the affected population to try to limit “personal use of electricity” in the areas that suffer “more difficulties on a daily basis, and especially during peak hours.”

Of course, you have underlined, “There should also be a very frugal approach in public places.”

This Monday Ukrainian electrical engineers had to apply “not only stabilizing power outages, but also unscheduled outages”has explained Zelenskybecause the level of consumption is higher “to which the country can provide at this time.”

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In this regard, it has appealed to all regional and local authorities to report on the “rational consumption” Of electricity.

“Of course, energy workers, utility workers, first responders and everyone involved is working their butt off.”he said, but “systemic damage” caused by the Russian attacks is “so significant” that all citizens and companies “They should be very frugal and spread consumption by hours of the day.”

Source: Elcomercio

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