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Ukraine announces the discovery of “torture chambers” in Kherson: there were bullets, a bat and an electrocution device

The Ukrainian prosecutor’s office announced on Monday that it had discovered “torture sites” used by the Russians in Khersona city in the south of Ukraine recaptured by kyiv forces after nearly nine months of Russian occupation.

“In Khersonprosecutors continue to determine Russia’s crimes”indicated the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office on Telegram, stating that the officials they found “torture sites” in “four buildings.”

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Among those four buildings visited by the investigators are pre-war “makeshift detention centers” “where, During the takeover of the city, the occupiers illegally detained people and brutally tortured them.”added the prosecution.

Kherson it was the first major city to fall into Russian hands after the invasion on February 24. The Ukrainian army recaptured the town, the capital of the region of the same name, on November 11.

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the researchers they seized “pieces of rubber batons, a wooden bat, a device used by the occupants to electrocute civilians, an incandescent lamp and bullets”, explained the source.

“The work to establish the places of torture and the illegal detention of people continues”affirmed the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office, which also wants “identify all victims.

The Russian withdrawal, the third major since the start of the invasionrepresented a severe setback for the president Vladimir Putin.

Since it recaptured the city, kyiv has repeatedly denounced the “war crimes” and the “atrocities” committed by the Russians in the region, one of the four that Moscow annexed in September.


Russia has not reacted to these accusations so far, but promised to “punish” on Monday those responsible for the alleged execution of a group of Russian soldiers in Ukrainedenounced by Moscow as a “war crime”.

Moscow accused Ukraine on Friday of executing more than 10 of its soldiers who had laid down their arms, based on videos posted on social media.

“Of course, Russia will search for the perpetrators of this crime. They must be found and punished.” Russian presidential spokesman Dmitri Peskov told reporters.

He added that Moscow will resort to international bodies for this purpose, “if it can be useful.”

In the first video, about ten presumably Russian soldiers emerge one after the other from a shed with their hands up. Next they lie face down on the ground under the command of apparently Ukrainian soldiers who hold them at gunpoint.

The recording cuts off abruptly as another person emerges from the shed and appears to be shooting.. Another video recorded by a drone shows the same place with a dozen bodies of soldiers on the ground, in the middle of pools of blood.

The Ukrainian parliamentary commission on human rights denied on Sunday that the Ukrainian army had executed Russian prisoners of war.

According to this commission, Ukrainian soldiers defended themselves against Russian soldiers who pretended to surrender.

The Russian soldiers killed in that incident “cannot then be considered as prisoners of war,” argued Dmytro Lubynets, Ukraine’s human rights officer.

The United Nations said last week that it was aware of the videos and was analyzing them. One report noted that there were credible allegations of abuses committed by both parties.

Source: Elcomercio

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