WorldTwo Russian comedians pretend to be Macron on the...

Two Russian comedians pretend to be Macron on the phone… and lie in wait for the President of Poland


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In Poland, this is taken very seriously. The President of the Republic, Andrzej Duda, became the victim of a hoax after a rocket fell on Polish soil on November 15 last year. “In the course of ongoing telephone conversations with heads of state and government, a man posing as French President Emmanuel Macron (with Andrzej Duda),” the Office of the Polish President tweeted on Tuesday.

Believing that his French colleague was calling him to find out about the situation, Andrzej Duda took his mobile phone, not knowing that there was an impostor on the other end of the line. The call, which lasted almost seven minutes, was published in full on the Russian YouTube channel Rutube.

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“Hello Emmanuel. Thank you, thank you for calling. As you probably know, the situation is very complicated. This afternoon there was an explosion near the border with Ukraine, on our territory,” the Polish President explains at the beginning of the frame. During the conversation, the latter speaks almost continuously, explaining the situation to what he considers to be his French colleague. “Who shot (rocket)? We do not know, but the shot was from the east,” he said, in particular, during the exchange. Andrzej Duda also said that Poland is not considering applying Article 5 of the NATO treaty, which obliges member states to come to the aid of one of them in the event of an attack. Extremely confidential information.

Two Russian comedians.

The impostor barely speaks, only asking Duda a few questions, such as wanting to know if the Polish president thinks the missile could have been fired by the Ukrainians, or asking if Zelensky had “blamed” Russia. The Polish president was also asked about Russian speculation that Ukraine is preparing to use dirty bombs. “I am more afraid of certain problems with the nuclear power plant in Ukraine (…) I am more afraid of a nuclear catastrophe,” he replied.

“During the conversation, the president realized, given the unusual manner in which the interlocutor was talking, that there could be an attempt at fraud, and stopped the conversation,” the office says on its Twitter account.

The video of the exchange was published on Rutube by the Vovan and the Lexus pranksters channel. These two Russian comedians, notorious for pulling pranks on several heads of state, already snared Emmanuel Macron in 2019 by posing as Vladimir Zelensky. In an interview with AFP, Vovan and Lexus, real names Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexei Stolyarov, confirmed that they were behind the joke.

Their previous victims include Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, pop icon Elton John and Prince Harry. In 2020, Andrzej Duda was already the victim of one of their pranks, believing he was talking to UN Secretary General António Guterres.

But the Polish authorities did not appreciate the joke and indicated that they “took measures in cooperation with the interested services.” Moreover, both actors are connected with the Russian special services, reports AFP.

Source: Le Parisien

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