WorldEuropean Parliament declares Russia a state "promoter of terrorism"...

European Parliament declares Russia a state “promoter of terrorism” | VIDEO


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The European Parliament declared on Wednesday Russia as a state promoter of terrorism in view of its “deliberate attacks and atrocities against the Ukrainian population”.

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He also demanded from the European Union a new legal framework to classify these States and restrict the relations of the community bloc with said countries.

“The destruction of civilian infrastructure and other serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law constitute acts of terror against the Ukrainian population and war crimes”lamented the European Parliament.

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The European Parliament issued a resolution in which it once again condemned these attacks “committed by Russia in pursuit of destructive political objectives in Ukraine and other countries.”

The legal framework suggested by Parliament would allow the European Union to designate States as promoters of terrorism and States that use terrorist means, “Which would activate a set of important restrictive measures against those countries and would have profound restrictive implications for the Union’s relations with those countries.”

The text, which went ahead by 494 votes in favour, 58 against and 44 abstentions, does not have legal value but does have the symbolic weight of a European Parliament that, by a large majority, asks the European Union and its countries “initiate a complete international isolation of the Russian Federation”.

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To do this, they ask to act “with regard to Russia’s membership in international organizations and bodies, such as the United Nations Security Council,” avoid holding official acts on its territory, continue to reduce diplomatic relations with Russia and that contacts be limited to the “strictly necessary minimum”.

They also suggest banning “Russian science and culture centers and Russian diaspora organizations and associations, operating under the auspices and leadership of Russian diplomatic missions and promoting Russian state propaganda throughout the world.”

In a meeting with the media, one of the MEPs in charge of the report, the Lithuanian Andrius Kubilius, stressed that the objective of the text is to begin to “not being afraid to say what we see” and, faced with the possibility that this statement could impede negotiations between kyiv and Moscow, he stated that “there will be nothing to negotiate before Russia withdraws its troops”.

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The only thing negotiable now, he said, is the payment of war reparations from Russia to Ukraine.

In parallel, the MEPs believe, the Wagner group and other armed groups, militias or subsidiary agents financed by Russia should be included in the European list of persons, groups and entities involved in terrorist acts.

The EU, adds the European Parliament, should “rapidly conclude work on its ninth sanctions package” against Russia, in which it suggests including those involved in deportations and forced adoptions of Ukrainian minors and in referendums and illegal elections in occupied territories, among other new restrictive measures.

Source: Elcomercio

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