WorldThe tragedy of the father who died of a...

The tragedy of the father who died of a heart attack after seeing his last son die


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An older adult identified only as “Tabaco” suffered a heart attack when he witnessed the scene of his dead son in one of the rooms of his house in Colombia.

Neighbors of the sector noticed the scene and managed to take it to the local attention center, but the attempts to remove it were unsuccessful. save his life.

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The case occurred in the municipality of Saint Charlesin the center of the department of Cordova, situation that impacted the inhabitants.

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The tragedy is even greater, since several years ago his two eldest children lost their lives in a traffic accident, which kept the father in a permanent situation of sadness.

People from San Carlos who knew about the case say that he never recovered from the tragedy that he had to face.

Apparently, the same thing happened with his son, identified by the Metropolitan Police of Hunting What Manuel Antonio Simanca Sanchezwho died this November 22.

Father and son will be buried in San Carlos (Córdoba), apparently near where the bodies of the two sons who lost their lives in the car accident.

It was known that simanca, the last of the sons of Don ‘Tabaco’, was dedicated to the sale of basic necessities in the streets of his municipality.

Source: Elcomercio

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