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Putin orders the supply of more quality weapons to the Russian Army in Ukraine

The Russian President, Vladimir Putinordered today to supply more quality weapons to the troops fighting in Ukrainewhen nine months have elapsed since the beginning of the military campaign.

“It is important not only to increase the volume and variety of supplies, but also to improve their quality”said putin during a meeting of the coordinating council to guarantee the needs of the Armed Forces.

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Putin called for improving the functioning of the communication mechanism between the military, producers and builders in order to introduce corrections in the orders when necessary.

“There is no need to introduce extraordinary measures. But precise, quality and well-coordinated work must be launched. That is always useful, but in this case it is simply necessary to timely guarantee everything our Armed Forces need during the special military operation.”he explained.

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To this end, he added soldiers in the field must receive weapons and equipment on dates and volumes strictly fixed in advance.

The American and British intelligence services have maintained for several months that The Russian Army has not only pressing problems of lack of men in the Ukraine, but also of weapons and ammunition.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stressed this week that Moscow is suffering in Ukraine a “significant” shortfall in artillery ammunition, largely due to logistical problems it is facing, caused in part by Ukrainian attacks on depots located in the rear of the Russian Army.

Austin also stressed that Russian troops have fewer and fewer precision missiles as the fighting progresses and that their defense industry has serious difficulties quickly manufacturing new batches of guided weapons.

Some European experts quoted by the continental press consider that The reason for the Russian withdrawal from the northern third of the Kherson region is, more than the enemy advance or supply problems, the shortage of ammunition, which would not last more than a month of fighting.

In the case of the Iskander cruise missiles, which have wreaked havoc on the Ukrainian military and civilian infrastructure, Russia I would not have more than 120 units.

Faced with the impossibility of making progress on the battlefield, the Russian Army has chosen to launch massive bombardments against the Ukrainian energy infrastructure at the gates of winter, for which kyiv has asked the West for the urgent supply of anti-aircraft batteries.

Source: Elcomercio

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