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Man returns items his daughter stole: ‘Please forgive me’ | VIDEO


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“Ma’am, I’m sorry that my daughter stole your computer and cell phone. Last night, to communicate with you, I tried to unlock the cell phone, but I couldn’t. However, I apologize, since, despite the fact that she will find herself in a difficult financial situation, her decision was not the right one. Those were the words that a father wrote in a letter to the lady that his daughter stole from an aesthetic center located in Arica, Chili.

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According to the complaint that was disseminated on social networks, the teenager entered the Arica Trilaser Waxing establishment, looked carefully at what she could take and, since there were no workers nearby, she took several objects and left without haste.

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Given the commotion, the father of the minor returned to the premises, totally embarrassed by what happened. She apologized to the workers and returned the computer, the cell phone and the two chargers that her daughter had stolen, plus an amount of money that she wanted to give to the victims for the girl’s bad behavior.

The young woman also sent them a letter of apology and accepted that her actions were not correct, using as an excuse the alleged drug overdose she had at that time.

“Nothing is going to repair… What’s done is done, but I don’t want what isn’t mine. A thousand apologies,” said the woman in the text. Some workers expressed their gratitude after the man’s act: “Almost crying he brought us everything.” The father assured in the letter that he did not want his daughter to go to jail and, although he was ashamed of what happened, “he loved her very much.”

Father’s letter. (Instagram @depilación_trilaser_arica/)

Thanks to this, the business decided not to sue its victimizers and neither accept the money that the man was offering them.

We don’t know if it’s really the father, we don’t have that certainty for now. In some comments they said that the girl was Colombian and that she had no family here. What I am sure of is that they were scared when they realized that the video went viral,” said Marta Sepúlveda, owner of the center, for the local newspaper ‘Las Últimas Noticias’.

Source: Elcomercio

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