WorldAfter 5 hours of march, supporters ask AMLO for...

After 5 hours of march, supporters ask AMLO for re-election; he says no


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After marching for nearly five hours, the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, He is already giving his speech from the plate of the capital’s Zócalo before some 100,000 people.

At 2:40 p.m., the federal president, visibly sweaty, stepped on the plate of the Plaza de la República where he greeted some supporters.

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Look: AMLO marches from the Angel of Independence to the Zócalo for the 4 years of his government in Mexico

He arrived accompanied by Claudia Sheinbaum, head of government of Mexico City and Adán Augusto Loópez Hernández, head of the Interior (Segob), among others.

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“Ma it’s nice to be with you, you know what Matí said, love with love is paid“, said.

He assured that the majority of participants in the march are young; “There is a generational change”, celebrated. He said that he will explain what has been done, and what must be finished before the end of his term.

“No to re-election”he launched before the arenas of his supporters that he be re-elected.

He highlighted the increases in the minimum wage, aid to mothers and students. He presumed that the relationship with the magisterium is of “respect and gratitude”, while stressing that there have been no strikes in schools.

He reported that in a few days the increase in the minimum wage will be announced and he hoped that this would be 20%. The head of the federal Executive pointed out that if this percentage increase is achieved, at the end of his six-year term the minimum wage will have increased by 100%.

“I want it to be agreed unanimously between the labor, business and government sectors and I also want it to be around 20%, because that way we would reach the end of our government with an increase of 100% in real terms throughout the national territory”, said.

Likewise, he recalled that his government has not contracted new debt. “We have not contracted new or additional debt. Every time there was a crisis, debt was contracted to rescue those at the top, because they said that if it rained hard above, it trickled down, as if wealth were permeable or contagious. No, that is a lie, a sophistry, the glass is filled and they put another and nothing ever spills, they also said that to justify corrupt politicians: he bathes, but he splashes. ohfuck itWith all that!”he expressed before a Zócalo who gave him an ovation.

“We have not bought a single new car for any member of the Executive”AMLO said, while highlighting a significant reduction in the Presidency budget.

Recognizing the doctors, nurses, and health workers who risked their lives to care for Covid patients, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that his government is working to cleanse ISSSTE of corruption and rescue it from the privatizing system.

“We are cleaning ISSSTE of corruption and rescuing it from the privatization scheme, before the end of this government, quality medical care is given to government service workers.”

He assured that the IMSS-Well-being program will be extended to the entire country, which is already underway in nine states of the country.

He announced free fertilizer to two million producers in the country.

Source: Elcomercio

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