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They reveal Putin’s secret plan to “wipe Ukraine off the face of the Earth”

They reveal Putin’s secret plan to “wipe Ukraine off the face of the Earth”

They reveal Putin’s secret plan to “wipe Ukraine off the face of the Earth”

A group of British-born defense and security experts had access to a classified document that reveals the secret plan of the Russian president, Vladimir Putinto “delete Ukraine from the face of the earth”, as it was called by Euromaidan Press, one of the main local media.

The letter, which bears the signature of the Kremlin leader, Unveils Unpublished Details About “Ten-Day” Plan of Moscow to seize Ukrainian territory, said the Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security Studies (RUSI), an institution that has close ties to the British army.

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To obtain the record, RUSI worked with Ukrainian Lieutenant General Mykhaylo Zabrodskyi and former Intelligence Service adviser Oleksandr Danyliuk.

Broadly speaking, and according to the analysis of the experts, The Russian government’s strategy had two basic pillars: massive attacks with missiles and planes and the assassination of officials. For starters, the administration putin made a “black list” of politicians and other characters.

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The names of those people were divided into four categories: the people the Kremlin wanted to kill, those who “needed repression and intimidation,” those who might collaborate with Russia and the people that Moscow had established were already prepared to collaborate.

Compared to the general population, they planned for Russian soldiers to go door to door and decide whether to arrest or kill this or that resident. Those captured would be re-educated with the help of Russian teachers and other officials through the use of propaganda.

It was also made clear which were the key locations to be conquered, either by infiltration by the Russian army or by force of bombing. The inventory prioritized the following locations: power and nuclear power plants, airfields, the central bank and the Parliament of Ukraine.

putin he had an ace up his sleeve to control the advance of both the West and its allies: Once Russia had control over the nuclear plants on Ukrainian soil, it would blackmail European neighbors with the risk of being contaminated by radiation.

Source: Elcomercio

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