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What is the tradition of the Middle Ages that Queen Consort Camilla eliminated from British royalty

Stretcher, the queen consort, put an end to the tradition of having ladies-in-waiting. In her place, she will receive help from “companions of the queen”.

Not only does this mean a modernization in how these six women are called, but they will assist her less regularly than the old role required.

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These honorary positions involve assisting the queen consort at public events.

Unlike the role played by bridesmaids or bridesmaids, the new position it does not include dealing with correspondence or administrative tasks.

Replacing the role of bridesmaids means the end of a tradition of court life that dates back to the Middle Ages, and which allowed the queen to rely on people around her who generally came from aristocratic families, and that many times they were involved in palace intrigues.

The new “companions” will have a more casual and informal position, in order to help the queen consort with official commitments, but they will not be in charge of answering letters or day-to-day planning.

This role (as well as the previous one) does not have a salarybut the expenses are covered.

This comes just at the time when Lady Susan Hussey, who was a lady-in-waiting to the late Queen Elizabeth II, had to apologize and resign from her honorary position in the British royal house after making comments that were labeled as “racist”. . She repeatedly asked Ngozi Fulani, founder of a British charity that supports women of African and Caribbean descent “where was she really from?”

symbolic change

This symbolic change of direction will be put into practice this week when the Queen consort hosts a reception for activists against domestic violence and violence against women.

The latest figures released by the Office for National Statistics showed that 2.4 million adults in England and Wales, 1.7 million women and 700,000 men, had experienced domestic abuse in the previous year.

Ladies-in-waiting attended the queen during public events. (GETTY IMAGES).

Queen Camilla has campaigned to create domestic violence awareness and, for the first time, the queen’s escorts will be with her at the reception on violence against women and girls at Buckingham Palace, instead of the bridesmaids.

Among the first companions are some of his lifelong friends.

The former ladies-in-waiting who accompanied Queen Elizabeth II will now help King Charles organize events at Buckingham Palace, and will be known as ‘ladies of the house’.

Source: Elcomercio

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