She killed her husband and stepson, it was the “perfect crime”, but Google gave her away


With his knees on the ground and his hands on his stomach, Rolando Aquino continued to vomit in one of the corridors of his house. The pain that he had felt on the morning of that Sunday, February 7, was so strong that at one point his body tried to protect him and he fell unconscious after having stumbled several times. Next to him, his wife Karen Oviedo watched him curiously while she called an ambulance.

Minutes later, when paramedics arrived to help the 35-year-old man, the woman quietly opened them with a smileshowing them where her husband’s body was.

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The medical staff quickly transferred him to the Santa María Clinic in the city of Mendoza, Argentinawhere he would be hospitalized for a severe intoxication caused by a foreign substance.

Two days later, On Tuesday, February 9, 2021, the man died after having battled against what was slowly making him agonize.. The case quickly reached the authorities, who were surprised by the diagnosis.

An unknown substance? Was the first thing they asked themselves before requesting the autopsy that would change everything.

A happy family”

In the Minotto neighborhood of Villa Nueva, Guaymallén, Argentinaeveryone knew the famous family formed by Karen, Rolando and Rolando’s youngest son, Elias Aquino. Together they lived in a small white house that in turn functioned as a neighborhood store.

According to testimonies collected by the local Guaymallén media “Mendoza Post”, the couple was very affectionate with each other and they were never seen fighting. It is not very clear how they met and how long they were together. But what the inhabitants of the area do remember very well is that they got married in november 2020 after a tragic event that occurred in 2019.

It turns out that on July 12, 2019, at the Humberto Notti Pediatric Hospital, the nine-year-old boy Elías Aquino diedwho was the son of Rolando and an ex-partner he had.

The Prosecutor’s Office argued that, despite the fact that his death was caused by a strange failure in their systems and a cerebral thrombosisIt was strange to think that such a healthy child with no medical history could have died suddenly like that.

In addition, the child’s mother argued at the time that when he had left home to be with his father and his partner, the child did not present any related symptoms.

Years later, this was precisely what set off the researchers’ alarms after rolando aquino died unexpectedly from an alleged intoxication. As the case was so strange, the region’s police requested an autopsy in order to find out what was the unknown substance that had ended the man’s life.

When the report arrived, more than one gasped. The chemical analysis said that in his body there were ethylene glycol, a substance commonly found as a liquid engine coolant and is potentially harmful to health.

In fact, according to the Spanish Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, this substance causes liver and heart damage because upon entering the body it crystallizes and in turn causes a chemical imbalance in the body, thus altering the nervous system.

It was precisely how Elias and his father diedwho were poisoned with this liquid without realizing it.

The situation itself already sounded very strange. How could such a toxic and dangerous liquid have ended up in that man’s body? The first suspect was the wife.

Although at first they did not relate it directly to the case of Elijahthe fact that two close relatives of hers had died under strange circumstances while they were hospitalized cast doubt on many things.

The capture and a defense without arguments

On February 16 of this year, the 31-year-old woman was arrested at her home after a thorough investigation for the crime of homicide aggravated by the bond and in March the crime of aggravated homicide by insidious procedure would be added.

Ten months after being in pretrial detention, on Friday, November 18, 2022, Karen Oviedo sat before the courts to be tried for the charges imposed by the police.

The session that began in the early hours of the morning in room 15 of the Criminal Judicial Pole, located in the city of Mendoza, Argentinahad twelve jurors, in addition to the participation of the investigative prosecutors of the case Claudia Ríos and Fernando Guzzo, the defendant’s lawyer and the defendant herself. Karen Oviedo.

From the beginning, Guzzo accused Oviedo of having murdered the little one Elias Aquino and her husband in the same way. The woman gave them coolant, which ultimately ended in poisoning so great that it caused multiple organ failure in the victims.

According to what was recorded by the Argentine media Telam, the prosecutor said that: “The two causes of death respond to the same mechanism and produced the same picture: a antifreeze poisoning. His actions were through a hidden or concealed deception.

On the other hand, it was also argued that the woman supplied him with doses of ethylene glycol, saying that it was supposed to be a remedy for facial blemishes and mixing it in turn with the orange juice for breakfast.

Given the statements, Torres, Oviedo’s lawyer, tried to show that Not here he had repeatedly sexually abused his client, claiming it was a way for her to defend herself.

The lawyer also argued that it was really he who bought the ingredients for the deadly mixture that ended his life. In fact, at one point he asked that his client not be “demonized” and that he hoped that the verdict would be based on logical decisions.

Even so, the prosecutors managed to gather enough evidence to overthrow this theory and demonstrate that Oviedo did everything in full conscience.

Google “saved the homeland”

The main evidence was a series of records taken from the victim’s cell phone, in which you could read the most recent searches that the woman had done on Google.

According to what was presented by the defense, the defendant was first interested in knowing “What was the deadliest poison?then searched for “how to kill with poison”, data on the “ethylene glycol” and in the end he tried to bcar about how he could do to delete browsing history

But that was not the only thing. Prosecutors also discovered that between January 28 and February 3, 2022, the woman, nicknamed by some local media as The ‘Guaymallén poisoner’ had bought a liter of transparent coolant through Mercado Libre.

On the other hand, according to the Argentine media ‘Los Andes’, the statement of Claudia Cortéz, the domestic worker who overheard a conversation between the couple in which Rolando said “everything you give me, hurts me” was also taken into account. .

Likewise, presented the toxicology reports made in Rolando’s autopsy, in addition to another opinion made to the body of Elías. When the Prosecutor’s Office linked the cases, they asked the family for help, who also testified that Karen’s attitude was quite strange at the time the child died.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the mother of the minor said that Oviedo had repeatedly tried to convince her to cremate the child, but in the end she did not want to because she wanted to be able to visit her son at any time. Thanks to this and the preservation of the body, the authorities were able to find that the little boy had also been intoxicated with the same substance.

Life imprisonment

After having listened to the Prosecutor’s Office, reviewing the corresponding evidence and taking into account the strange arguments of the defense, On Thursday, December 1, 2022, the popular jury convened for the session found Karen Oviedo guilty of simple homicide and aggravated homicide.

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For his crimes, the technical judge of the debate, Diego Lusverti, ruled that he must serve the maximum penalty of the Argentine penal code: life imprisonment.

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