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AMLO calls for respect for the human rights of Pedro Castillo and his family

The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO)demanded this Thursday that the human rights of the former president of Peru be respected Pedro Castillo and that they act in accordance with the law and protect their family.

“The rest, the political, because the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Mexico will take care of it,” he asserted.

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AMLO also revealed that Castle telephoned to request asylum at the Embassy of Mexico in the Peru.

“He spoke here to the office so that they would notify me that he was going to the Embassy, ​​that he was going to request asylum and that if they opened the door of the embassy, ​​but surely they had already tapped his telephone”, Lopez Obrador said.

In addition, he said that he instructed the Mexican foreign minister, Marcelo Ebrardso that he could speak with the ambassador of Mexico in Peru and open the door to Castle to apply for asylum.

“But soon after they took over the embassy with police and citizens, they surrounded the embassy. And he couldn’t even get out, they stopped him immediately ”narrowed.

In any case, stressed that Mexico remains willing to offer asylum to Castillobecause “it is part of the tradition”.

AMLO’s statements come after Dina Boluartea former vice president, assumed the presidency of Peru on Wednesday when Congress removed Castillo from office after he attempted to temporarily dissolve Congress and install a national emergency government in what was widely interpreted as a coup.

Lopez Obrador did not reveal the future of the Pacific Alliance Summitinitially scheduled to be held in Mexico City and later transferred to Lima due to Castillo’s inability to leave the country.

“You cannot, there are no conditions and we are very sorry because now Relations are going to have to decide, you have to consult the other members of the Pacific Alliance, the president of Chile, the president of Colombia, to see what is done” , he stressed.

Peru had to receive the temporary presidency of the organization from Mexico, but now the Mexican president opened the door to keep the presidency himself or cede it to another of the member countries, Chile and Colombia.

Source: Elcomercio

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