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Ukraine denounces that Russia turned the city of Bakhmut into “burnt ruins”

Ukraine denounces that Russia turned the city of Bakhmut into “burnt ruins”

Ukraine denounces that Russia turned the city of Bakhmut into “burnt ruins”

The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskydenounced this Friday that Russia turned into burnt-out ruins” the city of bakhmutin the region of Donbas.

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The situation at the front”it is still very difficult in the key areas of Donbas: Bakhmut, Soledar, Maryinka, Kreminna… For a long time, there is no place left to live on the land of these areas that has not been damaged by shells and fire” of the Russian army, Zelensky said in his usual late-night speech.

“The occupiers actually destroyed Bakhmut, another city in Donbas that the Russian army turned into burnt ruins”he claimed.

The Ukrainian president recalled that the peace formula proposed by his government, which consists of ten points, includes restoring the territorial integrity of the country.

In this peace plan, Ukraine demands “from nuclear security to the restoration of the territorial integrity of our State, from energy security to the return of all prisoners of war and deportees held on the territory of Russia”said.

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In this peace plan, which aims to involve the international community in its implementation, “we must return the Ukrainian flag to all cities and communities in Ukraine, we must guarantee the real responsibility of the terrorist state for this war and we must guarantee the security of all generations of Ukrainians after the end of this war”he remembered.

The latest report from the general staff of the Ukrainian Army indicates that the Russian troops continue “trying to attack” near Bakhmut. Photographs of muddy trenches, devastated forests and bodies on the battlefield have prompted comparisons to World War I.

After the setback suffered in Kharkiv, Russian troops have focused their offensive on Bakhmut while defending the rest of the front.

Source: Elcomercio

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