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Twins accused of cheating on exam win trial and will now receive millions in compensation

Twins accused of cheating at a medical school in South CarolinaUnited States, will be awarded $1.5 million in damages and defamation.

In 2016, Kayla and Kellie Bingham they presented an exam with “too many” similarities, something that aroused suspicion among the university authorities.

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The test consisted of 307 questions and the sisters gave 296 very similar answers. In addition, in 54 of them they had the same mistakes.

In conversation with the Insider medium, the twins assured that, although they were sitting at the same table, they were located “about four or five feet apart.” They also mentioned that they could not look at each other, as their monitors blocked the view.

Two weeks after the exam, school officials accused Kayla and Kellie of cheating.

“My mind was racing. I was in tears and in disbelief that this was happening to us,” Kayla said of having to appear before the honor board to defend herself against the accusations.

“There is no way to process your emotions when you are accused of something you did not do”he added.

The student explained that, since they were little, both she and her sister have “incredibly similar” traits and that they do not have any “twin telepathy” or “secret language”.

Kellie pointed out that she and her sister had had remarkably similar grades since the first grade of school, and that their college admissions scores were identical as well.

Despite his explanations, the twins were found guilty of cheating. A few days later they were acquitted, but said their reputation had been sullied.

The sisters decided to withdraw from the school that same year “on the recommendation of the dean, because of how hostile it had become,” Kayla said.

They dropped out of medical school and began studying law to sue their university

In 2017, they abandoned their plans to become doctors, studied law, and filed a defamation lawsuit against their former house of study. The case ended last month and the authorities gave the twins as winners.

During the trial, his lawyer presented the jury with his almost identical academic records. Also, a teacher testified that the sisters gave the same answers during an exam that he himself had proctored and in which they sat facing each other.

On the other hand, a psychologist specializing in behavioral genetics and the study of twins testified that he would only have been surprised if the twins “didn’t end up with the same scores” during the test.

“We knew the truth. We weren’t going to turn around and let our reputation be ruined,” Kayla said. “It takes a lifetime to build a reputation.”

In this way, the jury established that both were innocent, for which they received a total of 1.5 million dollars as compensation for damages.

“It was the most important moment of our lives,” Kayla concluded. “We have been living with this for six years and they have finally restored everything to us.”

Source: Elcomercio

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