YouGov surveyed 4,026 Britons after the show’s first three episodes were canceled (Photos:

According to a study, Harry and Meghan’s Netflix show has only increased in popularity by 4% in the UK.

About 14% of the 4,026 Brits surveyed said the first three episodes of the Sussexes’ docuseries left them feeling more negative about the couple.

Meanwhile, the 34% who already had a negative opinion of Harry and Meghan didn’t change their mind after watching the show.

The same goes for the 11% who were fans of the couple, according to yesterday’s YouGov poll.

The majority of people who reacted against Harry and Meghan are Conservative voters, while most Britons who think positively of them vote Labour.

Meghan Markle’s net popularity is 27%, while 51% say they don’t like her. She is generally more liked by younger generations than older people.

Prince Harry’s numbers are only slightly more favourable: 37% agree and 38% disagree.

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The couple is the most hated member of the royal family after Prince Andrew.

Their show, called Harry & Meghan, ended last Thursday and has been the subject of controversy ever since.

They spoke about what it feels like to be “overrun by paparazzi” and reiterated their belief that Meghan is being treated with “blatant racism” by the press.

Meghan’s extravagant account of bowing to the Queen when she first met the late monarch has sparked the biggest backlash for “mocking British culture”.

The episodes were also packed with things people love to see from the royals, including never-before-seen moments from the Sussex kids.

They also shared many very personal stories, including a detailed account of how they met and fell in love.

The last three episodes will be released tomorrow.


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