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Putin travels to Belarus in search of a second war front against Ukraine

The Russian President, Vladimir Putintravel to belarus in a decisive week for Russia’s future military strategy in Ukrainewhere the opening of a second front could put the Ukrainian Army in many difficulties. “We expect important announcements,” the “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin” on the Russian president’s agenda for the coming week.

putin will meet Monday in Minsk with his main accomplice in the “special military operation”, the Belarusian president, Alexander Lukashenkoand in the coming days he will preside over the meeting of the Ministry of Defense and on Thursday that of the Council of State.

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Putin will travel accompanied by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoiguwho flew over the Ukrainian front in a helicopter over the weekend and inspected Russian positions on the battlefield.

In addition to the integration process, according to the Kremlin, The talks between the Russians and Belarusians will focus on “the military-political situation” surrounding both countries, their “defensive capabilities” and “joint response measures” to the challenge posed by NATO.

In belarus A joint military group is already deployed and, furthermore, part of the 300,000 reservists mobilized by Putin are training in that country.

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According to Minsk, the Russian component of the regional grouping consists of up to 9,000 servicemen, about 170 tanks, up to 200 armored fighting vehicles and up to 100 large-caliber guns and mortars.

Until now, lukashenko He has refused to allow his Army to participate directly in the fighting and even had to come out of the way by proclaiming this week that he is the one in charge in belarusin clear allusion to the Kremlin.

In addition, the visit coincides with rumors that military service in Russia could be increased from one to two yearsJust like in the days of the Soviet Union. Those called up in the spring would serve 18 months, those drafted in the fall 24 months, a Moscow region military commissar told reporters.

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The news was denied by the Russian Defense Ministry, but after what happened with the chaotic partial mobilization, it spread like wildfire in this country. Putin promised at the time that recruits will not be sent to the front nor will a second mobilization of men of military age be necessary.


In this regard, the commander of the Ukrainian Joint Forces, Lieutenant General Serhiy Nayevbelieves that Putin seeks greater Belarusian involvement in the conflict.

“From our point of view, during that meeting the issue of the future aggression against Ukraine and a greater involvement of the Armed Forces of Belarus in the operation”he commented today on Facebook.

In his opinion, this greater participation would be “terrestrial”. In fact, Belarus this week held military exercises near the border with Ukraine and both countries are preparing the joint exercises “Shield of the Union” for 2023.

However, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) believes that there is little chance that Moscow will launch a new offensive against kyiv from Belarusian territorysuch as the one that allowed it to take over the Chernobyl plant in February and approach the capital, although it does not rule it out definitively.

Rather, he sees the visit as part of a disinformation campaign so that the enemy is forced to disperse his forces.


On New Year’s Eve, Pope Francis admitted in statements to the Spanish press that he did not see an end to the conflict in the short termsince it is a “world war” with many interests involved.

The Pontiff, who has shown himself willing to mediate between Moscow and kyiv, called to pray for the Ukrainian children.

Both sides have already rejected the possibility of a Christmas truce. In fact, massive Russian shelling and fighting has escalated in Donbas in recent weeks.

In congratulating the Holy Father on his 86th birthday on Saturday, lukashenko invited him to visit the former Soviet republic.

“I am still very impressed with his wisdom and clairvoyance. You were the first to warn about the threat of the outbreak of the Third World war. It’s a pity that those who should have listened to him didn’t.”said his congratulatory telegram.

The director of the CIA, William Burns, former ambassador in Moscow, ruled out in statements to the US press that Russia seriously consider negotiations with kyiv at this point in the campaign.

In the same vein, the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskywas pessimistic about Putin going to give up his initial objectives, but optimistic about the outcome of the negotiations with the United States for the supply of Patriot missiles, systems capable of changing the sign of the war.

Source: Elcomercio

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