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War in Ukraine: Russian authorities are divided over the start of a major winter offensive

Is Russian unity collapsing? Russian leaders are divided over the launch of a major winter offensive in Ukraine, a senior US official said Tuesday. “I think we’re dealing with different points of view,” said the US official, speaking on condition of anonymity, referring to discussions going on within the Russian government.

“Obviously, there are those who, it seems to me, are in favor of continuing the offensive in Ukraine. There are others who have real doubts about Russia’s ability to do so. The Kremlin said his remarks came as Russian President Vladimir Putin is due to set his army’s 2023 goals during a meeting with top military officials on Wednesday.

At the same time, Washington fears that Moscow will again try to seize Kyiv. The senior official also explained that the United States would “adjust and quickly adapt” its objectives if such a major offensive was decided in the ninth month of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. “What we are doing and continue to do is to provide Ukrainians with the means to effectively defend themselves against Russian aggression. »

Putin acknowledged “extremely difficult” situation

For their part, according to the senior official, the Ukrainians show no signs of wanting to “slow down, and I think the Russians should take that into account in their calculations.” In recent months, Russia has suffered serious military setbacks that have forced it to withdraw from the Kharkiv region in northeastern Ukraine and the city of Kherson in the south.

Vladimir Putin acknowledged on Tuesday that the situation has been “extremely difficult” in four regions of southern and eastern Ukraine that Moscow is claiming to annex without conquering them completely.

At the same time, since October, Russia has launched massive shelling of Ukrainian infrastructure, which regularly leads to power and water cuts.

Source: Le Parisien

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