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Poland hails US Patriot system dispatch to Ukraine ‘against Russian terrorism’

The Polish government today praised the decision of the United States to supply defensive systems patriot a Ukraine and he recalled that from Warsaw he had already proposed to deliver this armament to kyiv, which Germany rejected.

The patriot “They are an effective system against Russian terrorist attacks against Ukrainian critical infrastructures,” said the Defense Minister, Mariusz Blaszczakafter confirming the administration of the president of USAJoe Biden, a new military aid package that includes those systems.

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“When we considered transferring to Ukraine the patriot we are essentially thinking of the security of Poland, Ukraine and the entire eastern flank of NATO”, added the minister.

The Polish government had proposed transferring these systems to Ukrainian territory, shortly after Berlin promised to deliver them to Warsaw to improve the defense of this country, a member of the European Union (EU) and the NATO.

Berlin reacted strangely to this offer from Warsaw to kyiv, which strained relations between the two neighboring countries.

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Finally, the German Defense Minister, Christine Lambrecht, and her Polish colleague agreed that the Patriots would remain in Polish territory, attending to the defensive needs of the eastern flank of the Atlantic Alliance.

The announcement of the dispatch of the American Patriots to Ukraine was made effective coinciding with the visit to Washington of President Volodymyr Zelensky, who had not left his country since the beginning of the Russian invasion, last February.

The United States Government announced on the occasion of that visit a new $1.85 billion military aid package for Ukraine that includes the Patriot system that kyiv had been demanding for months.

to meet Biden Y Zelensky followed by a speech by the Ukrainian leader before both houses of the US Congress.

The EU formally issued this Friday an invitation to Brussels to Zelenskyto participate in person in a summit between Ukraine and the presidencies of the Council and the European Commission, which will take place on February 3.

Source: Elcomercio

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