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AMLO criticizes the role of the US in the crisis in Peru: “There are suspicions because they don’t even take care of the forms”

The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO)criticized this Thursday the role of the United States in the crisis in Peru, insinuating that Washington was behind the fall of President Pedro Castillo.

Lopez Obrador He announced that he will raise this issue with his US counterpart, Joe Biden, during the North American summit that will take place on January 10 in Mexico City.

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“That there is no more interference, that these things like those of the Peruwhether or not Americans are involved in the Peruthere are suspicions because they do not even take care of the forms ”, said the leftist president in his usual morning conference.

AMLOas the president is known by his initials, noted that “the first message after the removal of President Pedro Castillo (by Parliament) was that of the United States ambassador to Peru,” Lisa Kenna.

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And “when they declared a state of emergency,” the diplomat went to “meet with the president appointed by Congress (Dina Boluarte) at the Lima Palace,” added.

AMLO He maintained that he will plead with Biden for “no longer put, remove governments in Latin America at the whim of anyone”otherwise “respect the sovereignty of the peoples, not see each other as adversaries, much less as enemies, treat each other as allies in all the countries of the Americas.”

The White House recognized Boluarte as president one day after Castillo’s removalwho is in prison after trying to shut down the Legislative, and praised Peruvian institutions for guaranteeing “democratic stability.”

Lopez Obrador He is one of the main defenders of the former ruler, denouncing that he is a victim of the political and economic elites of the Andean country.

Alleging interference in its internal affairs, the new Peruvian government declared the Mexican ambassador in Lima “persona non grata” Paul Monroy. In turn, Mexico granted asylum to the Castillo family and ruled out breaking relations.

The Mexican president defended Castillo again this Thursday, arguing that his dismissal “was a blow from Peru’s conservatismfrom the boss of Peru, who, like the conservatives in Mexico and other countries, are class-minded, racist and very corrupt.

Source: Elcomercio

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