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Nicaragua sends 16,000 police officers to the streets to ensure parties

The government of Nicaragua sent 16,000 police officers to the streets this Saturday to guarantee security during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

The agents of all the units went out to cover public areas with the aim of avoiding crimes and traffic accidents, in an operation that will continue until next January 2, the Nicaraguan National Police reported through official media outlets.

The police presence increased from the early hours of this Saturday on the roads, bus stops, markets, shopping centers, bank areas, parks, and fairs in Nicaragua.

Days before, police authorities had announced that they would also have a special presence at land, sea and air ports of entry, he said. In the same way in tourist destinations and recreation points.

The Nicaraguan Police plans to carry out patrols in the neighborhoods, speed control on the roads and the level of alcohol consumed by drivers.

The number of agents in public areas covers the 15 departments (provinces) and two autonomous regions of the Caribbean of Nicaragua, according to official information.

During the 2021 Christmas holidays, between December 24 and 25 of that year, the National Police Traffic Directorate recorded 224 traffic accidents, which left 10 dead.

December 31 and January 1 usually generate the same social activity as Christmas in Nicaragua. On these days families come together again to celebrate New Year’s Eve and receive the New Year.

Some families have the habit of closing the festivities by going immediately to the beaches of the country, especially those of the Pacific.

Source: Elcomercio

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