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Pastor “achieves” that a woman lose weight during worship and goes viral: “I declare a miracle”

A pastor has caused controversy on social networks for allegedly lowering a woman two sizes in full religious worship in Cartagena, Colombia.

Through his social networks, the pastor shared a video in which a couple of faithful are observed praying over a tarina. There he calls for someone who feels overweight to get on stage by assuring that he will make them lose weight.

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Seconds later, a woman dressed in pink appears in the clip, to whom the pastor questions: “Do you think God can drop you two sizes now?”, to which she replies that “Yeah”.

Before a group gathered in religious worship, the believer closes her eyes and keeps her hands at the level of her head while the man begins to pray to supposedly lose two sizes.

Seconds later, a woman dressed in a white shirt and black bowtie touches the belly of the believer, while the pastor says: “the two sizes are gone, I declare a miracle, she is going to start to lose more, more weight”

After a few seconds the pastor begins to pray in front of her and assures that by “At the end of the year people will not recognize you, and a beautiful, beautiful source of work opens up, from God for you”.

Moved, the woman begins to pray and give thanks for the action of the pastor.

Later it is shown that the pants are supposedly loose at the waist, while the pastor asks him: “Why did those pants fit you like that?”

Laughing, the pastor says: “Oh, Lord, do a miracle for me” and the woman adds that after the pastor said a prayer for her, her pants are loose on her hips.

The video has caused controversy on social networks where users have let their opinion be known in the comments: “and I’m killing myself in the gym”, “my people seem to lack knowledge”, they were going to do lipo, but now I’m going to go with that pastor to lose a few sizes… that at least Small will leave me”, “In good time! I was about to pay for the gym.”

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