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Access to the city center could become chargeable in summer 2022


Visitors to downtown Venice may eventually be subject to a city entrance tax. A reservation system is also envisaged. The local authorities are considering this device in order to prevent the number of visitors to the tourist site from exceeding a certain level. Access to the affected area would be through turnstiles counting the number of people, says the Italian newspaper The print, relayed by Le Figaro.

To cross them, it would be necessary to pay a right of way of 3 to 10 euros per visitor depending on the time of year. However, this tax would only be payable by adult tourists spending a day there. Those who stay in one of the hotels in the city center of the City of the Doges would not be affected. Children, residents of Venice and their relatives would also be exempt from the payment.

“Venice will soon look like an amusement park”

No date of entry into force of the device has been communicated but the Italian daily mentioned the summer of 2022. However, the measure has not been officially confirmed, even if the laws making it possible have been voted. “Venice will soon look like an amusement park”, denounced city councilor Marco Gasparinetti. The city of 55,000 inhabitants welcomes a total of 30 million tourists each year.

The objective of taxing access is to limit the harmful effects of this strong human presence on the cultural and architectural heritage as well as on the environment. The possible device is, however, far from delighting tourism professionals. “Economically, this arsenal of measures is a disaster for us,” said a local hotel employee, also referring to the recent ban on cruise ships in the Venice lagoon.



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