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The woman who became famous for hiccuping for a month and ended up in prison for life

The woman who became famous for hiccuping for a month and ended up in prison for life

The woman who became famous for hiccuping for a month and ended up in prison for life

In Florida, USAthe case of Jennifer Mee, also known as ‘The Hiccup Girl’, remains unforgettable after being sentenced to life imprisonment for a crime that, according to her, she did not commit.

At 15 years old, Jennifer Mee presented a severe case of hiccups that generated a strong uproar in various American media, who contacted her to show their annoyance internationally.

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With the passage of time, the different states of the North American country and other corners of the world knew Mee, dubbing her ‘The Hiccup Girl’. However, the situation of jennifer mee Not only was he an attraction for the press, but there were also several American television programs that took an interest in his uncontrollable hiccups to produce different series.

In fact, one of the people who had Mee For her television appearance, editor and journalist Piers Morgan went to interview the young woman and, based on her life, launch the second installment of the ‘Killer Women’ series on the ITV platform.

The 180 degree turn

Such was the desperation of Mee To cure her hiccups, she went to several hypnotists, an acupuncturist, and proceeded to consume different home remedies that different people close to her recommended.

jennifer mee stated in the local program of the United States Today Show, of the NBC chain, hiccuping 50 times a minute. However, after a while, that annoyance began to fade little by little, as did his fame.

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However, although the woman had stopped appearing on television screens, a murder made her famous again and his name sounded again in all the media, television channels and local newspapers.

Three years after learning about her excessive hiccups, Jennifer Mee was implicated and convicted of the murder of Shannon Griffina 22-year-old man who worked in a Walmart of Florida and was known to the alleged murderer.

It was 2010 Mee she met Griffin online and asked him out with two other guys who lived with her in an apartment.

The pretext that Mee convinced Griffin to go out with was going to an abandoned house to smoke marijuana and have a few drinks. Next to her were two other people, who apparently, and according to the statements, rushed towards the young man to strip him of his belongings. Through the struggle, Griffin resisted and received four bullet wounds.

Hours after the crime, Jennifer Mee, LaRon Raiford and Lamont Newton were arrested for robbery and murder of the young man. According to Sergeant Skinner of the St. Petersburg Police Department, Mee and his accomplices had planned everything before arriving at the abandoned house. After being placed under arrest, the three admitted their involvement in the crime.

A life sentence and a short life

Weeks before the trial of those involved in the murder of griffinthe attorney who was represented by MeeJohn Trevena, assured that his client suffered from schizophrenia and Tourette syndrome, which, according to the Mayo Clinic, is a disorder “characterized by repetitive movements or unwanted sounds (tics) that cannot be easily controlled.”

During the five days that the trial lasted, given Trevena’s statements, Mee was placed under a psychological evaluation to determine if indeed her actions at the scene had been the product of mental illness. However, no results were found to show that she suffered from mental problems.

In 2013, the young woman was determined as “competent to stand trial”. The final verdict was read in the Clearwater court, in which Judge Nancy Moate Ley explained that the only possible sentence was life in prison without the right to parole.

However, her lawyer opposed the verdict, stating that her client did not plan the robbery and that there was insufficient evidence to convict her. But the prosecutors argued that they did have evidence that exposed her, because during her time in prison, Mee had a call with her mother: “I didn’t kill anyone, but I did prepare everything and everything went wrong, mom. It just went downhill after it all happened, Mom, because I planned it all.”

Co-defendants Laron Raiford and Lamont Newton were also found guilty of first degree felony murder and were sentenced to life in stipulated by the judge in the reading of the sentence.

The lawyer of jennifer mee He again requested a new trial to try to eliminate the life sentence, but this was denied. Currently, the young woman, only 31 years old, is imprisoned for life between four walls that do not let her see how the Sun rises and how the Moon shines at night.

“When I am released I want to be a youth counselor. I want to share my testimony and give back to the community. I truly feel sorry for any family that has experienced the death of a loved one due to unclean acts of greed and thoughtlessness. I feel like it was a lesson learned on my behalf. Anyone who knows me knows that I love people. I would never want anyone to get hurt, no matter the situation,” Mee said in an interview with ‘ABC News’.

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