WorldFines for not storing data in Russia

Fines for not storing data in Russia


Seventeen million rubles (approximately 195,100 euros) for Twitter, 15 million rubles (172,200 euros) for Facebook. Russian justice on Thursday imposed these fines on the two web giants for violating a 2014 law requiring them to store Russian user data in Russia.

This legislation makes some people fear that it could be used to repress critics of power and to put pressure on social networks. WhatsApp was also convicted for the first time for this offense. The instant messaging application was fined 4 million (45,900 euros).

600 companies have complied with the law

Last year, Facebook and Twitter had already been sentenced for the same reasons, Facebook had then paid the fine imposed, unlike Twitter. Google was convicted for the first time on this ground in July.

To date, around 600 companies, including Apple, Microsoft, LG Electronics, Samsung, PayPal and, have complied with this law, said a statement from Russian internet policeman Roskomnadzor. The social network LinkedIn refused to do so and has been blocked in the country since 2016.

Moscow criticizes moderation on social networks

Very critical of moderation on social networks, Moscow criticizes in particular the Americans Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, but also the Chinese TikTok, for not having deleted publications calling for demonstrations for the imprisoned opponent Alexeï Navalny, for censoring pro content. -Kremlin. Or to leave content online which, according to the Russian authorities, is an apology for drugs or suicide.

The latter have continued to tighten the screw in the name of the fight against extremism and the protection of minors. Catch-all concepts intended to censor, according to critics of the Kremlin.



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