WorldThe baby born in an American military plane named...

The baby born in an American military plane named Reach, codenamed for the device


A little Afghan girl born aboard an American military plane which evacuated her parents to the base of Ramstein, in Germany, was named Reach, of the code name of the device, revealed this Wednesday the commander of the American forces in Europe , General Tod Wolters.

In full flight on Saturday from Qatar, the pregnant woman began to feel contractions. Immediately after landing at Ramstein, the U.S. military helped the Afghan deliver her baby on the plane before she was transported with her newborn to a nearby hospital facility.

Two more babies were born

Each US Air Force aircraft has its code name for communications with other aircraft or control towers, and the code for C-17 cargo planes is usually Reach followed by a number. The baby’s parents “named it Reach, because that was the code name for the C-17” (Reach 828), General Wolters told reporters. “As you can imagine, being a US Air Force pilot myself, my dream is to see this little girl called Reach grow up as an American citizen and fly fighter jets in our Air Force,” he said. he added.

The head of the American forces in Europe specified that of the 7,000 people evacuated from Kabul who had passed through American bases in Europe since August 20, only a hundred people had to receive medical care, whether for symptoms of Covid -19 or other medical reasons. Of those 100 people, 25 have been admitted to a local hospital and 12 have already been discharged, General Wolters said. Two more babies were born after their mother landed at the Ramstein base.



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