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Russia uses missile launchers from the Caspian Sea for the first time to bomb Ukraine

Russia used yesterday in its bombardment of Ukraine launches missiles from the Caspian Sea for the first time, possibly because of the increasing difficulty of getting its missiles to the Black Sea, according to Ukraine.

The head of the unified press center of the Defense Forces in southern UkraineNatalia Humenyuk, declared in an informative program that “What is characteristic of yesterday’s missile attack is that missile launchers were used from the Caspian Sea.”

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“This is the first time it has been recorded since the full-scale invasion, because it is probably already more difficult for them to get their supplies to the Black Sea coast. This shows that we are being quite successful in keeping the logistics under control of the fire, including the one on the left bank.”he said, quoted by the agency Ukrinform.

On the other hand, he pointed out that Russia could resort to drone strikes while preparing missiles to fire later.

“The ships that the enemy has now in the Black Sea are fewer, he only has five left., and the missile launchers are at their base points. They are not on combat duty.”he said, adding that having previously used many “Kalibr” missiles, they now need time to rearm.

As Russian troops prepare new attacks, “it is quite possible that they will use more drones and at the same time move the missile launchers,” he said.

Source: Elcomercio

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