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Ukraine calls Russian ceasefire “hypocrisy”

Ukraine calls Russian ceasefire “hypocrisy”

Ukraine calls Russian ceasefire “hypocrisy”

An adviser to the Ukrainian presidency, Mikhailo Podoliak, on Thursday called the Russian announcement of a ceasefire in Ukraine on the occasion of Orthodox Christmas and asked the Moscow troops to leave the country.

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Russia must leave the occupied territories, only then will there be a ‘temporary truce’. Keep your hypocrisy to yourselves,” he wrote on Twitter.

In another message to the press, Podoliak denounced this ceasefire ordered a few moments before by the Russian president, Vladimir Putinof “mere propaganda gesture”.

Russia is trying by all means to at least temporarily reduce the intensity of the fighting and the attacks against its logistics centers to buy time,” Podoliak continued.

Furthermore, he accused putin of not having “the slightest desire to end the war” and of trying to “convince the Europeans to put pressure on” kyiv to enter into peace negotiations, an initiative that Ukraine has refused for months.

“There is no need to respond to the deliberately manipulative initiatives of the Russian leadership,” he said.

According to the order of putinthe ceasefire should begin on Friday at 12:00 p.m. (09:00 GMT) and end at midnight the following day (21:00 GMT), on the occasion of Orthodox Christmas.

Source: Elcomercio

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