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Mexico: Convoy separates at Polanco station on Metro Line 7; evict users

Users on social networks reported an incident at the Polanco station on Metro Line 7, which goes from Barranca del Muerto to El Rosario, Mexico.

Presumably a wagon broke free from the Metro convoy, for which the users of the station were evicted.

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The Metro indicated that the service is momentarily stopped on Line 7, for which reason a train was evacuated for its review.

“System personnel work on site,” he said on social networks.

The Metro reported that provisional service is offered on Line 7 from Tacuba to El Rosario and from Barranca del Muerto to Tacubaya. He indicated that there is no service from Tacuba to Tacubaya on Line 7, and that system personnel work in the area.

Source: Elcomercio

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