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Brasilia doubles security in front of public powers while investigations progress

Brasilia announced the increase in the number of police officers in front of the headquarters of public powers to permanently reinforce its security, while the authorities arrested one of the alleged organizers of the attack on January 8 in the capital.

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Celina Leao, interim governor of the Federal District, said that “immediately” they will increase from 248 to 500 military police stationed in the surroundings of the so-called Esplanade of the Ministries and the headquarters of the three public powers, vandalized by radical followers of the ex-right-wing ex-president Jair Bolsonaro, a week after the inauguration of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

“So that we can have maximum peace of mind and firm security,” Leao said at a press conference together with the president of the chamber, Arthur Lira, and the vice minister of Justice, Ricardo Cappelli.

Leao assumed the reins of the office after Governor Ibanéis Rocha was temporarily removed while it is determined why the security of the political heart of the capital failed.

The security of the Federal District has been under the control of the federal Executive by presidential decree since January 8, when followers of Bolsonaro invaded and looted the Planalto Palace, Congress and the Federal Supreme Court.

More than 2,000 people have been arrested, of which 1,159 are still detained, for the attacks that the government describes as “terrorist acts”, according to the latest official balance.

More than 800 detainees have already gone through preliminary hearings, a process that should end this Monday.

– Unpublished scenes –

A week after the attacks, Globo television broadcast unpublished images from security cameras inside the government palace.

In them, a man dressed in a black T-shirt with Bolsonaro’s face is seen throwing to the ground and destroying a Louis XIV watch, made by Balthazar Martinot, watchmaker to King Louis XIV of France.

The man tries to interrupt the power on the third floor of the Planalto palace, and upon noticing the security camera, he attacks it three times with a fire extinguisher.

The Attorney General of the Republic, Augusto Aras, reported that they will present 40 new complaints until this Friday against prisoners who “predated and invaded” the headquarters of the three powers.

“Our concern is that these events are never repeated,” Aras said.

The authorities want to determine who financed and ordered the assault, and they tighten the siege around Bolsonaro.

The former president, in the United States since before the end of his term, denies connection to the assault but is being investigated for possible instigation of the attack.

Federal police reported that they launched an operation this Monday in Rio de Janeiro to arrest three suspects of financing and organizing vandalism, road blockades and anti-democratic demonstrations in front of military installations.

The troops detained a man while two others were still on the run.

During the operation, the police also seized telephones, computers and documents.

– “Professionals”-

Cappelli, designated as controller for the security of Brasilia by the Executive, said on Monday that the investigations seek to determine if there were “professionals” among the invaders at the headquarters of the three powers.

“There were men in the field with knowledge of the terrain, combat tactics, and professional characteristics among the protesters,” the controller said, citing a sergeant wounded in the revolt.

Cappelli noted that 44 military policemen were wounded while defending the looted facility, where priceless furniture and art were ruined and even stolen during the violent invasion.

Source: Elcomercio

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