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A London police officer admits to dozens of rapes

A policeman British of a special unit set up to protect foreign parliamentarians and diplomats admitted to multiple charges of rape and a host of other sexual offenses spanning nearly two decades in a London court on Monday.

During a court hearing, David Carrick, 48, pleaded guilty to four counts of rape, as well as false imprisonment and indecent assault against a 40-year-old woman in 2003.

Look: British police officer confessed to sexually assaulting a dozen women

Carrick had already admitted in December to 43 charges against 11 other women, 20 of them for rape, over a 16-year period ending in September 2020.

The police Metropolitan London apologized to his victims after learning that he was aware of various accusations against him for rape, domestic violence and harassment, despite which no criminal sanctions or internal disciplinary measures were imposed on him until his arrest in October 2021.

“We have failed and I am sorry. he was never meant to be police”, declared the commissioner of the police Metropolitan Mark Rowley.

The police Londoner has come under harsh criticism in recent years over the conduct of its agents, especially since the kidnapping, rape and murder of young executive Sarah Everard in south London in March 2021 by the agent Wayne Couzens, who also worked in the diplomatic protection brigade.

The police “it failed on two counts,” Rowley admitted.

“She should (…) connect the dots in this repeated misogyny over two decades,” and “should have been more determined to eradicate a misogynistic east,” she said.

The police watchdog is reviewing how it handled the police the case carrick and also investigates other possible misconduct by other police officers.

This includes more than 1,600 cases of alleged sexual offenses or domestic violence, said the police.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said Monday that he was “disgusted and appalled” by Carrick’s crimes.

According to investigators, the officer met some of his victims through dating apps and social events and used his position as a police officer to gain their trust.

“It is incredible to think that these crimes could have been committed by a agent of police active,” Detective Chief Inspector Iain Moor said.

Describing carrick as a “prolific serial sex offender” who “wrecked” their lives and undermined their confidence in the policethe deputy commissioner of the police LondonerBarbara Gray, praised the courage of the women who denounced the attacks.

Gray specified that the case was referred to Scotland Yard’s internal control body to investigate why action was not taken sooner.

Source: Elcomercio

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