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Lula says he will talk with Biden about how to deal with the extreme right

The president of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvasaid this Wednesday that he will talk with his American counterpart, Joe Bidenand the German chancellor, Olaf Schölz on how to deal with the extreme right, after the assault of radicals in Brasilia.

Lula announced that he will receive Scholz on January 30 and will meet Biden in February in the United States.

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Democracy is the only chance for us to build a strong nation. Because I’m going to have a chat with Biden to see how he’s coping” with the extreme rightwrote the leftist president on Twitter.

Biden invited Lula to visit him at the White House to “early februaryafter giving his full support after the assault of thousands of followers of the far-right ex-president Jair Bolsonaro on January 8 at the headquarters of the presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court in Brasilia.

The incidents carried out by radical Bolsonaristas, whom Lula calls “fascists”, they recalled the attacks on the United States Capitol two years ago, carried out by supporters of the then US president donald trumpan ally of Bolsonaro.

I will go there to see Biden and I want to know how you deal with the situationBecause from the press that I read, it seems to me that the Republicans are getting stronger, it seems that the radical discourse is getting stronger and it seems to me that the Democrats are having a bit of a hard time and they are going to have elections in two years”, affirmed Lula in an interview with the GloboNews channel.

In this, his first interview since he took power in Brazil, the leftist leader also announced that he will receive the German Chancellor on January 30 Olaf Schölzwith whom, he said, he will talk about the far-right extremist movements in the European country.

I want to talk to him about what is happening in Germany because the extreme right is an international movement.“, he claimed.

The 77-year-old Brazilian leader blames his predecessor, whom he defeated in a close ballot at the end of October, for provoking and stimulating the attacks, which sought his downfall on the day he was one week after returning to power for the third time. .

Bolsonarowho traveled to the United States before finishing his term, denies any connection to the violent acts in Brasilia, but is being investigated by the Brazilian authorities on suspicion of having instigated them.

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Lula also called for a “unity of the democratic progressivism of the world to not allow the resurgence of fascism”.

The extreme right currently exists all over the world, in Hungary, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, extreme right groups are emerging everywhere (…) with different ways of acting“, he claimed.

In Brazil, we won the elections, we defeated Bolsonaro. What we need now is to defeat that fascist narrative that exists in Brazil. For that, we will have to demand that the democratic forces demonstrate, regardless of the political party (…) in defense of democracy.“, said.

Source: Elcomercio

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