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Thief tried to rob a young man and received a tremendous beating | VIDEO

A recording was released through social networks where two subjects on a motorcycle were observed who tried to assault a couple who were walking through the streets of Zone 15 in Guatemala.

A video surveillance camera captured the moment when the thieves intercepted the couple and tried to strip them of their belongingswhen the young man threw a blow to the face of one of them.

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The young man was dressed in white sneakers, a red backpack, jeans and a black polo shirt, the girl wears white sneakers, green pants, a black polo shirt and a gray backpack. The assailants wore helmets, both had white sneakers, a black jacket, and beige jeans.

According to the recording, the events took place on Wednesday, January 11, around 3 in the afternoon, in the vicinity of the Valley Universitylocated in Zone 15. The offenders have not yet been identified.

How was the assault?

At the moment when the thieves intercepted two young men who were walking down the street, one of them got off the motorcycle to take the phone from the girl, when the young man hit the subject behind the vehicle in the face.

When the man falls to the ground, the young woman runs to pick up her phone and continue on her way, while the young man began to beat on the ground to the thief. Meanwhile, the motorcycle driver approaches to rescue his partner, but the young man tries to stop him.

The driver turns around while his passenger tries to escape, but the young man stops him again by knocking him to the ground, and continues to punch and kick him. The man manages to free himself and begins to run, the young man calls a truck driver to stop.

When crossing the street, the young man knocks down the thief again, his partner does not know what to do and just walks around in the street. motorcycle until he ends up escaping, abandoning his partner.

On the third time that the young man knocks down the thief, the driver of the truck approaches to later arrest the subject and at that moment the video ends.

Source: Elcomercio

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