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War in Ukraine: How has Germany ended up at the center of controversy?

the invasion of Russia made the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr ZelenskyEliminate euphemisms from your vocabulary. As world leaders meet at the World Economic Forum in Davos, he takes aim at mighty Germany and underscores his doubts about sending them his tanks. Leopard 2.

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There are times when you shouldn’t doubt or compare. Someone said: ‘I will give tanks if someone else does too’”sentenced.

What was he referring to? The specialist Enrique Banús Explain: “Germany relied on what USA will not give them their M1 Abrams. If the Americans didn’t do it, then neither did they. Nevertheless, Washington He explained that his decision responded to the fact that they are difficult to handle tanks and that, in cases of damage, the repair is very complex. In other words, the Ukrainians could not use them, a different situation from what German technology offers

Hence, Germany is located at the center of controversy. Do you want to deliver more weapons to Ukraine or not?

On Wednesday the 18th, during his presentation in front of the davos forumthe German Chancellor Olaf Scholz pointed out that his countrywill continue to support Ukraine for as long as necessary”. And, indeed, it is not that they have not helped them defend themselves: Scholz recalled the “defensive systems like IRIS-T either patriot and stressed that Berlin has already invested 12,000 million euros in aid”.

But Ukraine orders Leopard 2 tanks.

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Poland spoke about it. Following what your President Andrzej Dudathe Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki confirmed that they are willing to send the Leopards that are part of their army. But they can’t.

Banús explains that, according to certain international treaties, to sell weapons of this type, the manufacturer’s approval is necessary. That is to say that if Poland delivers them without the German approval, it can have many problems.

Bearing in mind that this week the Minister of Defense resigned, Could Germany’s position be explained as a bureaucratic obstacle? It is not only bureaucratic, but also psychological”, notes the analyst.

For him, there are three reasons that explain the German position.

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one.They had a defense headline that was a disaster. At the head of the ministry christine lambrecht did nothing and screwed up with statements out of place [aquí más detalles]. She finally resigned, but Chancellor Scholz took a long time to replace her. He promised a parity government, but in his party he did not find women specialized in defense policy”.

Last Tuesday, Scholz announced that Boris Pistorius would take over the ministry.

2. “Scholz is very doubtful, it is difficult for him to make decisions. Because of his character, there are those who compare him with his predecessor, Angela Merkel, whose great quality was his patience. He, at that point, resembles him”.

3. “The chancellor is from social democratic party, which always had an ambiguous relationship with Russia; Unlike the other great traditional party, the christian democracy, who mistrusted them until the arrival of Merkel, who had a different position. The case is the social democracy always tried to maintain good relations, to talk, not to break sticks and not see them as enemies. Although they have clearly positioned themselves in favor of Ukraine, they carry a past and that counts in foreign policy issues”.

Banús adds: “Despite this, Germany Bring weapons and ammunition. What happens is that delivering the Leopard 2 would be like taking a leap in quality, since they are combat tanks with greater ranges and great efficiency. What they don’t want is for the war to escalate and that’s why Zelensky talks to them that way.”.

I think Germany will end up giving in because there is a lot of international pressure [la Eurocámara ya les hizo el pedido directo]. Furthermore, internally, the opposition [la democracia cristiana] is in favor of handing over the tanks. Even in the government coalition, which is made up of three parties, there are those who are in favor of sending them”, concludes the analyst.

And it seems that there is a deadline to be clear about his position. This Friday the 20th, the Contact Group -according to “La Razón” it is a group of countries led by USA– will meet in “the air base of the German town of ramstein”. There will meet representatives of the 29 countries of the NATO to discuss what they will do to stop Russia.

Source: Elcomercio

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