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Ephemeris of January 20: What happened in the world on a day like today?

On another January 20, but in 1839, the victory of the Chilean forces in the battle of Yungay put an end to the Confederation of Peru and Bolivia.


1486.- Christopher Columbus appears before the Catholic Monarchs in Alcalá de Henares and he exposes his project to open a route across the Atlantic to reach the East Indies.

1817.- Luso-Brazilian troops, under the command of General Carlos Federico Lecor, they occupy Montevideo.

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1836.- The United States and Venezuela sign a peace, friendship, trade and navigation treaty.

1882.- The excavation works of the Panama Canal begin.

1929.- Stalin expels Trotsky from the USSR. He was deported to Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan) and then to Turkey.

1933.- Inauguration of the bullring of Maracay (Venezuela)later called “César Girón” maestranza.

1941.- Franklin D. Roosevelt is sworn in for the third time as President of the United States.

1942.- Several senior Nazi leaders meet at the Wannsee Conference (on the outskirts of Berlin) and agree to the so-called “final solution of the Jewish problem”, that is, extermination.

1944.- Heavy night bombing by the Royal Air Force (RAF) on Berlin. They attack some 700 aircraft and launch more than two thousand tons of explosives.

1961.- John F. Kennedy takes office as President of the United States.

1972.- The Government of Chile resigns in full to facilitate Salvador Allende’s reorganization.

1980.- More than 400 dead and 2,000 injured when a bullring collapsed in Sincelejo (Colombia).

1981.- Freed 52 American hostages captured in the embassy of their country in Tehran.

1996.- Yasser Arafat wins the elections for president of the Autonomous Council for the West Bank and Gaza by a large majoritybecoming the first democratically elected leader in Palestine.

1997.- The government of Zaire declares war on Tutsi rebels.

2006.- The West Tunnel is inaugurated in Colombia4.6 kilometers.

2009.- Barack Obama is sworn in as president of the United Statesbecoming the first black to hold that position in the country.

2014.- Iran suspends uranium enrichment in compliance with the Geneva Nuclear Agreement. The US eases sanctions and the EU suspends them.

2015.- Houthi rebels occupy the presidential palace of Yemen.

2017.- Donald Trump is sworn in and becomes the 45th president of the United States.

– The terrorist group Islamic State (IS) dynamite part of the Roman theater and Tetrapylon in the Syrian city of Palmyra.

2021.- Joe Biden is sworn in as President of the United States.

2022.- Belgian pilot Zara Rutherford, 19, becomes the youngest woman to circumnavigate the world solo with his two-seater Shark ultralight aircraft.


1758.- Marie-Anne Pierretteknown as Marie Lavoisier, French chemist.

1775.- André-Marie AmpéreFrench mathematician and physicist.

1910.- Joy AdamsonAustrian naturalist.

1920.- Federico FelliniItalian filmmaker.

1925.- Ernesto CardenalNicaraguan poet and priest, defender of Liberation Theology.

1930.- Edwin AldrinAmerican astronaut.

1943.- Valentin FusterSpanish cardiologist.

– Armando Guebuzaformer president of Mozambique (2005-2015).

1944.- José Luis Garci, Spanish filmmaker. Oscar 1982.

1946.-David LynchAmerican film director.

1958.- Lorenzo LamasAmerican actor.

1965.- Sophie Rhys-JonesCountess of Wessex and wife of Prince Edward of England.

1973.- Mathilde D’Udekem D’AcozQueen of Belgium.

1987.- Evan PetersAmerican actor.


1875.- Jean-Francois Millet, French painter.

1936.- George V, King of the United Kingdom.

1983.- Manuel Francisco Dos Santos“Garrincha”, Brazilian soccer player.

1984.- Johnny Weissmuller“Tarzan”, American athlete and actor of Austrian origin.

1989.- Josef Cyrankiewic, Former President of Poland

1990.- Barbara StanwyckAmerican actress.

1993.-Audrey Hepburn, Belgian-born American actress.

2005.- Jan Nowak-Jezioranski, Polish journalist, symbol of the fight against communist power.

2007.- Alfredo RipsteinMexican film producer.

2009.- David “Fathead” NewmanAmerican saxophonist.

2012.- Etta JamesAmerican blues and jazz singer.

2014.- Claudio AbbadoItalian conductor.

2016.- Edmonde Charles-RouxFrench writer.

2018.- Paul BocuseFrench chef, founder of the “nouvelle cuisine”.

-Jim RodfordBritish musician.

2022.- David BramwellBritish naturalist.

-Elza SoaresBrazilian singer.

-Marvin Lee Aday, “Meat Loaf,” American rock singer and actor.

Source: Elcomercio

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