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They capture a woman who led a secret life for 25 years after robbing a bank

With sweat on his forehead and the hands of the clock ticking without respite, Chen Yile he was at a small ATM, trying to quickly get the money he needed.

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Although he managed to carry out several bank movements, the times he needed to enter the card and password were many more than expected. It turns out that trying to withdraw 3.98 million yuan (which would be approximately 587 thousand dollars or 2.7 billion Colombian pesos today) in cash was not as easy as it seemed.

Having withdrawn enough, Yile took her things and hurried over to another cashier. He needed to get as much money as he could before they began to suspect her.

a master plan

It was the year 1997, when the young worker of the Chinese bank Construction Bank Corp, carried out a crime that would change her life. After inflating different bank accounts over a weekend and withdrawing just 400,000 of the 3.98 million yuan, the woman, who was 26 at the time, prepared to flee Shanghai.

However, with such a large amount of cash in her hands it wouldn’t be hard for her to be recognized. That is why she took advantage of the opportunity offered by the world of aesthetics and she spent a good part of the money on plastic surgeries that allowed her to change her face.

The woman tried to steal 3.98 million yuan. (iStock via GDA/)

Likewise, to complete his master plan, he also bought a fake identity. He then left for the city of Guangdong, breaking contact with his family and his ex-husband, in order to start a new life.

The woman who was once Chen Yile, a middle-class worker from Shanghai, was now Jiang Mouhong, a wealthy young woman who would later marry a wealthy man and in turn start a cleaning products business.

However, the dream that the young woman was living was like a time bomb, because there was a bump in her plan that she had not contemplated: her father.

The capture

That same year, after the disappearance of his daughter, Yile’s father reported the crime that the young woman had committed to the authorities. The man apparently found out what he had done, since, at the time of the robbery, part of the money that he could not take with him while he fled was deposited in the bank accounts of different family members.

This is how the Police began to investigate a case that would have a conclusion 25 years later.

The woman was captured in January 2023.

The woman was captured in January 2023. (iStock via GDA/)

According to the Canadian media ‘Bnn Bloomberg’, the authorities of Yueqing -a city 370 kilometers south of Shanghai- reported on their social networks that the woman had been captured at the beginning of the third week of January and will be tried for the crimes of corruption, falsification of documents and bigamy.

Likewise, according to the official statement, the defendant commented that she was willing to return the money and pay for the damages she had generated.

“The approximately 400,000 yuan of stolen money I took at that time was quickly spent, but I made money by starting my company. I am willing to return what I stole and compensate for the losses,” the outlet quoted.

By: “El Tiempo”, from Colombia / GDA

Source: Elcomercio

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