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Year of the Water Rabbit: These are the predictions of the teacher Dong Yilin for Peru and the world

The most applauded legend in Beijing tells that many years ago there lived on the moon a rabbit equipped with a mortar and a jade mallet, very busy crushing plants to turn them into medicinal potions. On one occasion a serious epidemic broke out in the Chinese capital that caused the death of children and the elderly. Compassioned by so much pain, the rabbit dressed in his armor and, mounted on a tiger, descended to earth with his magical medicines. It was thus that he saved the lives of the inhabitants of Beijing and the city from its imminent destruction.

China has welcomed the fourth animal of the horoscope that resides from today in the House of Taisui, beginning the Year of the Water Rabbit. With a blow of the claw the tiger has said goodbye, heartbreaking due to the health crisis caused by the Coronavirus in China, and marking a turbulent season, of strong social conflicts and prone to violence in the world. Hope is reborn with the arrival of Mr. Rabbit, the protagonist of the ancient Beijing fable, turned into a Rabbit Deity because in addition to being a savior, he is the guardian of peace and bearer of longevity.

For him Master Dong Yilin, third generation fortune teller in his family, the “Year of the Rabbit” is also known in China as the “Year of the Black Water Rabbit”. The rabbit is associated with the earthly branch “mao wood” and the heavenly trunk “gui water”. In this “gui mao” combination, the water is black because it destroys everything that came before and marks a new beginning. According to the Chinese fortune teller, the water that cleanses also produces a fresh current of air that opens the way to prosperity and wealth.

Dong Yilin, third generation in his family of Fengshui masters. PHOTO: PATRICIA CASTRO OBANDO.

In the Chinese tradition, the year of the rabbit it is conducive to having children because they will enjoy good fortune, balanced mind and long life. When the water rabbit jumps into the “taisui” house, the characteristics of the animal and its element surround the year and impact people’s lives. The rabbit is mild-tempered, highly dexterous, quick-minded, and with a keen sense of alertness and caution. Water endows it with clarity, lucidity and introspection. But also, their leaps into the void can cause anxiety, susceptibility and evasion. The fourth animal of the Chinese horoscope comes with a paw of good luck but manages the art of escapism.

According to the Chinese fortune teller, this year the rabbit becomes the protector of the goat, the pig and the dog, and the adversary of the rooster, the rat and the dragon. The other animals such as the ox, the tiger, the horse, the snake and the monkey remain in a situation of ambivalence, while the rabbit enters its “benmingnian” or own year that promotes profound changes. The goat and the pig are in “xianghe” or synchrony with the rabbit that becomes “guiren” or mediator to achieve goals. The same happens with the dog although it has “kehe” that is to say a pendulum situation that brings it closer to and away from success.

The Peru it is serpent for the year of foundation. In it Year of the Water Rabbit is in an ambivalent position. According to Master Dong, in the month of November the snake is prone to falls or blood-stained disasters. However, he will receive the help of the “taisui” or emperor of the year, which will generate an unexpected and happy event that will allow him to achieve what he so desires. In the world, diplomacy will be consolidated as the best weapon against wars and conflicts. The pandemic virus will continue to mutate, producing new variants and spreading rapidly, albeit becoming weaker and more imperceptible.

The year of the rabbit it signals a new direction and a new beginning. Its year characteristic “gui mao” heralds the birth of new shoots from heavenly trunks and earthly branches. For the soothsayer, “spring blooms and it is time to go out and look for food.” Due to the energy and ability to jump, it is a propitious time to launch plans, projects or ventures. An ancient Chinese proverb says that “the cunning rabbit has three holes”, referring to the need to have an ace up your sleeve, a plan B or a rabbit in your hat.

The sign of the rabbit - which makes up the fourth of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac - represents skill, resourcefulness and prosperity in Chinese culture.

The sign of the rabbit – which makes up the fourth of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac – represents skill, resourcefulness and prosperity in Chinese culture.

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Source: Elcomercio

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