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Man went to the doctor for a mosquito bite but was given a serious diagnosis

Joe Beckwith, 34-year-old father of two, residing in Morley, England, went to the doctor because in mid-October last year he suffered a mosquito bite and over time the small wound did not heal. On the contrary, the wound ended up becoming infected and he had to go to a hospital.

At St. James’s Hospital, Beckwith was examined by medical staff and he was prescribed antibiotics to treat the infection from his bite. In addition, they did blood tests to make a complete sweep of their health indicators. Without further ado, the specialists ordered him to rest.

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A few days later, when he was at home, the young man received a call from the hospital that turned his life around 180 degrees. They told him that the results of the blood draw had given “abnormal” values and for this reason he had to return to the medical center.

When Beckwith went to an appointment with a specialist from the hospital’s hematology department, he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a type of cancer of the white blood cells that progresses very quickly and deteriorates the patient’s state of health. we would have no idea of ​​anything. He had no other symptoms except some night sweats, ”the young man told the press.

After several weeks of treatment, Beckwith is in remission with his disease.

The boy’s sister, Leanne, told LeedsLive that the situation “was horrible” and that she “wouldn’t wish it on anyone”. However, the woman thanks her life that her brother suffered that bite to be able to go to a hospital and having been able to find out about his leukemia.

”He couldn’t see his children at Christmas. She has not been able to see one of them who lives in Liverpool since she was diagnosed. We were all sick at Christmas and because his immune system is so weak, it was too dangerous for him,” Leanne said of the ordeal the family has been through.

It was not until December 9 of last year that everyone received good news when they found out that he was responding well to chemotherapy. For the moment, Beckwith continues in treatment, with transfusions of blood and platelets every day.

Source: Elcomercio

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