The unnamed woman was days away from losing her home (Image: AFP via Getty Images)

A woman who was dumped by her husband for her best friend won the lottery jackpot on the anniversary of his departure.

The unnamed woman, a seamstress in Barranquilla, Colombia, was on the verge of losing her home when she won £268,000 on two lottery tickets.

While celebrating her newfound wealth, she even received a “flirty” phone call from her ex-husband.

However, she quickly brushed him off with his “good wishes,” reports local news outlet Zona Cero.

The woman bought the lottery tickets from the company Supergiros – there you can only win the jackpot if you win two draws, which is considered practically impossible.

Her win also meant that her daughter could enroll in college for her next semester as the family could not afford tuition.

However, she defied the odds as she held lottery ticket 8628 in the El Sinuano lottery and 1935 in the Caribbean night draw.

She bought the ticket on January 17, coincidentally one year since her husband left her.

After their divorce, the woman continued to struggle financially.

She was left wincing after discovering she had hit the jackpot – one of the biggest jackpots ever won in the South American country, where the average monthly salary is £800.

It is also believed to be the largest amount of money won in Supergiros lottery.