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AMLO describes the rumor about the death of the attorney general as “miserable”

The Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorhe crossed out this Monday of “miserable” the weekend rumor about the death of the controversial attorney general of the republic, Alejandro Gertz Manerowho was admitted to a hospital.

That is an inhuman attitude, it is alienation, which is the loss of feelings, that is being bad from ‘badland’”, expressed the president in his morning press conference.

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López Obrador denounced that “there has been a lot of speculation” before the false news that circulated this Sunday on social networks, where it was mentioned that Gertz Manero had died of pancreatic cancer in a hospital in the United States.

The president denied that the prosecutor had cancer, stating that “he underwent surgery, he underwent surgery on his back, on his spine, an infiltration”.

He is at home, he is fine, he is recovering, he is even working and we wish him well, he recovers soon”, he stated.

Gertz Manero, who came to office in 2019 nominated by López Obrador, has caused controversy over the General Prosecutor of the Republic (FGR), where civil associations and the opposition accuse him of perpetuating impunity and using his position for personal purposes.

Among his biggest controversies are having asked in 2020 to modify the criminal figure of femicides, the murders of women for reasons of gender, and fighting so that the FGR has fewer obligations in the search for disappeared persons.

In addition, he is accused of using the FGR and of pressuring the Supreme Court in a case in which he denounced his sister-in-law. Laura Moran and his daughter Alejandra Cuevas for the death of his brother, Federico Gertz.

By reiterating his support for the prosecutor, López Obrador denounced that behind the rumors is “all this current of bad faith, bad guts and also the best of bots”.

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They are one of those black campaigns that exist and that have a lot to do with, I have no doubt, the conservatives“, held.

The president also evaded responding to criticism of Gertz Manero for having been treated in a hospital in the United States, after López Obrador questioned in his electoral campaign that politicians did not receive treatment in the public system.

I don’t know, that is a matter for him to decide, what I want is for him to recover, we need him, he is helping, he is recovering, but all this around his medical situation has once again shown the lack of humanism”, he remarked.

Source: Elcomercio

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