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Russia on the Doomsday Clock: the situation is extremely tense

Russia considered today that the situation in the world is extremely alarming and tense, and that no détente is in sight, after the Doomsday Clock, which visualizes the probability that humanity will disappear, is already 90 seconds away from the midnight.

“The situation as a whole is really alarming”said Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov in his daily telephone press conference.

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“We are talking about a symbolic project, but if we talk about the real situation, especially in Europe and in the world, then it is really extremely tense.”, he added.

Peskov argued that in addition, “Given the line chosen by NATO and the US leadership, there is no prospect of any element of détente.”

“This imposes on us the obligation to be especially vigilant, alert and take the appropriate measures,” Indian.

It is the first time in three years that the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, the organization that has been in charge of managing the Doomsday Clock since its creation in 1947, decides to change the time on the clock, after placing it at 100 seconds from midnight on 2020, where it had remained until now.

The situation today is worse than it was in 1953, when the clock struck two seconds to midnight during one of the most tense periods of the Cold War, when both the Soviets and the Americans conducted their first tests of thermonuclear weapons.

“We would very much like to turn back the clock, but we have to respond to what is happening in the world,” The physicist Daniel Holz, co-chairman of the board that each year decides the position of the hands, explained to EFE the day before.

“If you look at what’s happening in Ukraine, the weather disasters… it’s very hard to say that things are getting better.”he added.

Source: Elcomercio

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