WorldThey reveal a coded message that DJ Valentina Trespalacios...

They reveal a coded message that DJ Valentina Trespalacios left the InDriver driver


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The mysterious death of the DJ Valentina Trespalaciosfound lifeless in the town of Fontibón (Colombia) on January 22, continues to shed clues about the circumstances of this fatal event.

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In the last few hours after the woman’s body was found in a dumpster, The authorities related the young woman’s boyfriend, identified as the main suspect, as john poulosand his testimony would be key to the progress of the investigation.

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As the Investigative Unit of EL TIEMPO was able to corroborate, poulesoriginally from the state of Texas, USAtraveled to Central America to make a stopover in another country, without having had any communication with the victim’s family.

The cause of death of the young woman, according to Legal Medicine, it was by hangingsince a pressure groove was found in the hyoid region, part located under the tongue and above the thyroid cartilage, in the anterior part of the neck.

This is the car in which John Poulos picked up Valentina in a joint south of Bogotá.

Some of the best clues about the circumstances of the death of Trespalacios are a silver Volkswagen Voyage 2021 car with the JNL991 license plate, and videos from security cameras in which Trespalacios and Poulos can be seen.

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The authorities are investigating whether the car the couple was in at the time the photos were taken is the same one seen in the camera recordings of the complex where the young woman lived with her mother. Apparently, Poulos picked up the DJ there.

a hint of help

Meanwhile, one of the last people who would have seen the DJ He spoke to “Noticias Caracol” about the day he transported her next to her partner.

This is a platform driver InDriver, who went to pick them up in the north of Bogotá, in the early hours of the morning, to take them to a nightclub. The man, who did not give his name for security reasons, assured that, at the time of getting into the car, both were arguing. However, this did not prevent him from making a profile of Trespalacios’s boyfriend.

“He was a tall, American, white, brown-haired, light-eyed, stocky, half-shaven guy. He was taken, just like her,” said the driver.

He added that, before his partner got into the car, the DJ showed him an alert that he had sent through the application indicating that he was at risk.

“When she gets in the car, before he gets in, she screams and says: ‘Oh, why did I write this’… She tells me: ‘look, I wrote InDriver for support: help, I’m in danger’” .

After showing him the message, the driver says that he asked him if he was okay. “Then she starts waving, the man walks in and says ‘what happened, baby? Are you okay? ‘”, He narrates her to’ Noticias Caracol ‘.

The driver also claimed to have seen them having a discussion already inside the car heading to their destination.but when the American asked him if he knew how to speak English, having an affirmative answer, he stopped speaking.

“She was wearing a short T-shirt and her hair was done. I take them to the discotheque, they were talking. The man asked me if he knew English, I said yes; So, he remained silent and began to write to him on WhatsApp, “he ended for ‘Noticias Caracol’.

Until now, the authorities are trying to define Poulos’s route when leaving the country and how Trespalacios turned up dead inside a suitcase.

Source: Elcomercio

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