Ephemeris of February 21: What happened in the world on a day like today?


He February 21st In 1916, the battle of Verdun began, the largest and longest of the First World War on the Western Front between the German and French armies, with high mortality.


1644.- A violent fire destroys a large part of the town center and the panama city cathedral.

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1848.- Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels they publish the communist manifestopolitical and economic document of great influence in the revolutionary movement.

1858.- A great earthquake causes the destruction of the Greek city of Corinth.

1901.- The Cuban Constituent Assembly promulgates the first Constitution of the country, which did not enter into force until the following year.

1915.- HE Opens the World’s Fair in San Francisco (USA), shows that celebrated the opening of the Panama Canal.

1934.- The leader of the resistance against the US army in Nicaragua Augusto César Sandino is assassinated by order of the head of the National Guard Anastasio Somoza.

1947.- American inventor Edwin H Land presents the first instant camerathe Polaroid.

1956.- american singer Elvis Presley enters for the first time as number one on the best-selling album lists with the theme “Heartbreak Hotel”.

1972.- The President of the USA, Richard Nixonand the Chinese leader, Mao Tse-tungare interviewed in Beijing during the cold war.

1984.- The former Argentine president Leopoldo Galtieria member of the military junta after the 1976 coup, is arrested for ‘negligence’ in the Falklands war.

2001.- The Argentinian Bishop Jorge Mario Bergogliowhich would become the Pope Franciscois instituted cardinal.

2003.- A hundred people burnt to death in a nightclub fire in Boston (USA) during a concert of the rock band Great White.

2016.- bolivian vote against empowering the president Evo Morales to seek a new re-election.


1795.- Francisco Manoel da SilvaBrazilian composer.

1893.- Andres SegoviaSpanish guitarist.

1903.- Anaïs NinFrench-American writer.

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1907.- W. H. AudenBritish poet.

1925.- sam peckinpahAmerican filmmaker 1928.- Ariel Sharon, Israeli general and politician.

1933.- Nina SimoneAmerican singer and pianist.

1937.- Harald V.King of Norway.

1942.- Margaret von TrottaGerman actress and filmmaker.

1969.- James Dean BradfieldBritish musician, singer and guitarist for the Manic Street Preachers.

1983.- Melanie LaurentFrench actress, model, director, singer and writer.

1987.- Ashley GreeneAmerican actress and model.

1989.- Kristin HerreraAmerican actress.

nineteen ninety six.- Sophie TurnerBritish actress.


1677.- Baruch SpinosaDutch philosopher of Spanish-Portuguese Sephardic origin.

1934.- Augusto Cesar Sandinogeneral and Nicaraguan national hero.

1960.- Jacques BeckerFrench filmmaker.

1965.- Malcom XAfrican-American activist.

1976.- Merchant SundayArgentine military and politician.

1984.- Mikhail SholokhovSoviet writer, Nobel Prize for Literature 1965.

nineteen ninety six.- morton gouldAmerican composer and conductor.

2005.- Guillermo Cabrera InfanteCuban writer.

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2008.- Robin MooreAmerican writer.

2013.- Cleotha StaplesAmerican singer, member of the soul group The Staple Singers.

2019.- Stanley DonenAmerican film director.

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