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The man who made his daughter sell candy because she didn’t want to study

A girl of no more than 15 years old was exposed on social networks by her father, who recorded her on the streets selling sweets in her school uniform. “How much are the marzipans worth?”, he asked and focused on her with his cell phone, while crying confused by the punishment.

“You don’t want to study, start selling, start working”, he reproached him. Her daughter asked him several times to stop yelling at her, but he insisted that she should sell marzipan, a well-known food in Mexico.

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The video recorded in the Aztec country raised a dispute among the users of the TikTok platform, considering that it was not a lesson, but rather a humiliation. Due to the controversy, the young woman’s father removed the video from his account; however, other platforms disseminated it to denounce it.

The video was shared on networks. (Photo: TikTok)

What happened to the girl?

The man identified as Jesús Márquez uploaded a new video, in which the minor is observed writing in a notebook, doing her homework.

“How are things with you? Do you have a long way to go?” she asked him. She replied with a “good” and assured him that there were not too many pending. The subject then showed the box of marzipans. “There they are, if he waters her again, she will do it again. It seems that no, it seems that she took the roll, ”she sentenced.

The videos continue to generate rejection. Some Internet users questioned why he had not spoken to the minor or sought help from her instead of exposing her like this on the street.

“And you think that we didn’t talk to her many times? Do you think I didn’t pay you a psychologist?” Márquez replied. In addition, he said that if any of her other daughters did not want to study either, she would seek similar punishments.

“Money runs out, education endures,” he said.}

similar scolding

The case reminds another father who, months ago, also in Mexico, recorded his daughter while he strongly scolded her for not studying and wanting to get involved in the world of networks as an ‘influencer’.

”She had run away from home because she wanted to do ‘tiktoks’, here I brought her to the work so she can see what it’s like to earn money. Money costs sweat”, shared the user @susyjimenez.

– What do you think of school, mija? she insisted. “It’s useless,” she replied. “You’re still with the same mentality.”

The father recorded the entire conversation to share it, precisely on TikTok, as a lesson for future generations. In addition, he took her daughter to a construction site to show her what her work would be like if she were a bricklayer.

”Do you know what awaits people who have that mentality? They are expected to mix (for construction). It is a very honest job, but hard and not everyone can do it, ”she said.

Source: Elcomercio

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