STRAIGHT. War in Ukraine: a year after the invasion, Russia is at a standstill, “nuclear weapons cannot be used”, supports China



  • Exactly one year ago, Russia invaded Ukraine.
  • The UN General Assembly again voted in favor of a resolution calling for the “immediate withdrawal” of Russian troops. It garnered 141 votes in favor, seven against, and 32 countries abstaining, including China and India.
  • Ukraine will “win” over Russian terror, Volodymyr Zelenskyy is sure.
  • Today is the virtual summit of the G7 countries. The President of Ukraine will take part in it.
  • Washington will apply “significant” new sanctions against Moscow.
  • The Minister of Foreign Affairs confirms France’s continued support for the Ukrainians.
  • Vladimir Putin announces his intention to deploy the Sarmat nuclear missile this year.
  • China calls on Kyiv and Moscow “to resume dialogue as soon as possible.” On Wednesday, the Kremlin boss ruled that Sino-Russian relations had “stabilized the international situation.”
  • Moscow agrees to provide the Wagner paramilitary group with additional shells, its leader Yevgeny Prigozhin said.

Russian military strategy in Ukraine: the reasons for the huge failure

Vladimir Putin planned a brilliant “special forces operation” to overthrow the Ukrainian government… And nothing more. Failure was unthinkable. When the war turned into exhaustion, all the shortcomings of the Russian army were exposed. Our decryption.


Dialogue and no nuclear weapons, Beijing asks

The Chinese government called on Russia and Ukraine to resume dialogue and rejected any resort to nuclear weapons in a 12-point document released Friday.

“All parties should support Russia and Ukraine to work in the same direction and resume direct dialogue as soon as possible,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, adding that “nuclear weapons should not be used.”


Eiffel Tower in the colors of Ukraine

The iconic Parisian monument bloomed with the colors of the Ukrainian flag last night to show Paris’s support for a country that experienced the first year of Russian advances into its territory.


Ekaterina Colonna: “A year later, Russia suffered a strategic, political and moral defeat”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs confirms France’s continued support for the Ukrainians. And he believes that “things went completely wrong,” as Vladimir Putin wanted. She mentions the possibility of a trial of the Russian president at the International Criminal Court (ICC). Our interview.


The first year of the war in Ukraine

This Friday, Ukraine enters the second year of the war with Russian forces, marking the first anniversary of the invasion, which it resisted fiercely and, with the help of the West, dealt a surprise blow to Vladimir Putin.

Russian troops entered Ukraine early on February 24, 2022, starting the most violent conflict in Europe since World War II.

A year later, Ukrainian cities have been reduced to rubble, part of the country is under Russian occupation, and Western estimates say more than 150,000 people have died or been injured on both sides.


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Source: Le Parisien


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