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A Latvian MP was so enraged that a delegation from Moscow was invited to a UN security meeting that he launched into an impassioned speech that ended with the famous Ukrainian war quote: “Russian warship, fuck yourself.”

Rihards Kols said it was “a pity” that Vladimir Putin’s delegates were allowed to attend the meeting in Vienna. was one year old, had been robbed before.

Kols, visibly boiling during his fiery speech, pointed at the Russian delegation and accused them of being war criminals.

He said the presence of the Russian was the “white elephant” in the room and called them a “disgrace” who should not be present.

Latvian MP Rihard Kols said the phrase at a meeting of the UN Security Council (Photo: OSCE)

In a video posted online of the meeting, Mr. Kols said: “We say we stand by our principles and values, but we don’t. I mean, in this room is an elephant whose name is the delegation of the Russian Federation. ‘

He said that if he witnessed and “someone asked me who the war criminal was, I would point to the back seat in this room”.

“It is embarrassing that this delegation is here. In particular, a delegation made up of members subject to sanctions in Russia, individuals who voted to annex independent countries.

“I will deliver a message to the Russian delegation sitting in this room and I will quote the Ukrainian border guards.

“Russian warship, fuck you!”

The defiant message was first uttered by Ukrainian defenders on Snake Island when they were ordered to abandon their post by a Russian battleship in the early days of the war.

The 19 Ukrainian soldiers on the island were presumed dead after Russian troops on the battleship Moskva bombarded the island with artillery fire, but they miraculously survived and later received medals for valor after returning to Ukraine on a prisoner exchange.

The turbulent meeting began when the Russian ambassador broke a minute’s silence for the dead in Ukraine (Photo: Getty)

The phrase was adopted as the international slogan of resistance to Russian aggression and was recognized a few weeks after it was first uttered on a postage stamp in Ukraine.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Russian ambassador broke a minute’s silence Ukraine when diplomats from both countries faced each other at a Security Council meeting on the anniversary of their war.

While everyone in the council chamber rose in silence, the Russian envoy to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzia, remained in his seat and asked to speak.

He then broke the silence and said: “We stand up to honor all the victims of what has happened in Ukraine since 2014 – all those who have died.”

His use of 2014 and the double emphasis on the word “all” referred to Russia’s claims that the conflict began that year after the pro-Moscow president of Ukraine was removed from office by mass protests.

The scenes took place at a meeting of the Organization for Security Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), a group of 57 members formed during the Cold War as a platform for dialogue between East and West.

The group has a broad mission, including peace, human rights, arms control and other security issues.

Ukraine and Lithuania boycotted the session due to the Kremlin’s presence, and several delegates walked out in disgust at the Russian ambassador’s speech.

A Slovak delegate read a statement from the Ukrainian delegation, which said that “the presence of these warmongers in Vienna is an affront to everything the OSCE stands for”.

They are not here for real dialogue or cooperation,” she added. “They are here to spread their propaganda… they are here to try to justify the war crimes they have committed and to uphold the principles of international law and desecrate human decency.”