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US Navy develops device capable of preventing people from speaking


Engineers from the US Navy, the US Navy, have managed to develop a device that could well force some people to silence. The portable acoustic call and disturbance system (AHAD) can thus record a person’s speech and play them back instantly, based on information from Popular Mechanics, relayed by Capital this Sunday.

The person’s concentration is then disturbed and he will automatically prefer to be silent. This handheld device was developed by engineers from Naval Surface Warfare, Crane Division, a US Navy research and development center located in Indiana, United States. The system was patented in 2019, according to New Scientists. But its existence was only revealed this year.

Get results without causing permanent damage

The use of this device promises to be formidable. “By using directional microphones and speakers, only the voice of the targeted person will be picked up by the system, and they will then be the only one to hear the audio retransmission,” says the patent filing. In addition to this, if the device equipped with the AHAD system is pointed “at a wall or a corner, it can also project the sound onto the target surface so as to make it look like the audio is coming from the target”.

But that’s not all. The device could also be used by the US Navy as an ordinary acoustic paging device, which can be useful for giving instructions to another vessel or starting a conversation. AHAD belongs to the category of non-lethal weapon systems, which are designed to achieve results without causing permanent damage.



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