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Ephemeris of March 17: What happened in the world on a day like today

Ephemeris of March 17: What happened in the world on a day like today

Ephemeris of March 17: What happened in the world on a day like today

He March 17 In 1948, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Great Britain sign the Treaty of Brussels, the forerunner of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).


1776.- The English troops leave the city of Bostonwhich leads to the United States declaration of independenceproclaimed on July 4 of the same year.

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1813.- War of Independence from Spain: The king Joseph BonaparteNapoleon’s brother, abandons Madrid.

1824.- under the treaty of london, The Netherlands cedes Malacca to Great Britainin exchange for British possessions in Sumatra.

1842.- Nicaragua, The Savior and Honduras they sign a convention agreeing to the formation of a provisional national government.

1861.- He subalpine parliament consecrates the birth of the new italian state.

1889.- Arrives in the Argentine town of Catamarca the first train, coming from Buenos Airesafter completing a journey of 1,200 kilometers.

1934.- He began his artistic activity Argentine Concert Society.

1939.- Pact of friendship and non-aggression between Spain and Portugalexpanded and reinforced two years later with the so-called “Iberian Pact”.

1948.- signature of Treaty of Brussels between Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, France and Britainprecursor of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

1959.- He Dalai Lama (highest political and religious authority for Tibetan Buddhists) Tenzin Gyatso He leaves his country disguised as a soldier. Two weeks later he reached the territory of the India.

1966.- Chang Kai Shek is re-elected for the fourth and last time president of taiwan.

1969.- Golda Meir Becomes the first woman to reach the position of prime minister in israel.

1978.- bolivian break diplomatic relations with Chili.

1992.- South Africa decides in a referendum to end apartheid and support negotiations for a multiracial democratic society.

1992.- The presidents of Guatemala, jorge serranoand The Savior, alfredo cristianithey sign a Free Trade Agreement and Economic Integration.

1998.- The movement of the no land It occupies various headquarters of Brazilian institutions in protest against the lack of credit and resources to face the agrarian reform.

2000.- More than 500 followers of the religious sect “Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God“they lock themselves up and burn them alive in a church in Kanunga, Uganda.

2003.- The British Minister for Parliament, Robin Cookresigns as a sign of his disagreement with the official position of his country regarding the conflict in Iraq.

2008.- The Cuban government of Raul Castro lifts farmers’ ban on marketing their products.

2011.- The Security Council of the UN authorizes “all necessary measures” to protect the population and establish a no-fly zone in Libya.

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2014.- The Russian President, Vladimir Putinsign a decree by which Russia recognizes the Ukrainian autonomy of Crimea as a sovereign and independent state.

2020.- China claims to have successfully developed a coronavirus vaccine.

2021.- President Biden calls “killer” to putin and threatens him for interfering in the elections, allegations that Moscow denies.


1834.- Theophilus DaimlerGerman engineer, first builder of the internal combustion engine for automobiles.

1839.- Sully PrudhommeFrench poet, Nobel Prize 1901.

1914.- Eduardo MiuraSpanish farmer.

Juan Carlos OngainaArgentine politician and soldier.

1919.- Nathaniel Adams Colesknown as “Nat King Cole“, American singer.

1935.- Luis GoytisoloSpanish writer.

1938.- Rudolf NureyevSoviet dancer and choreographer.

1939.- Giovanni TrapattoniItalian soccer coach.

[1945- Elis ReginaBrazilian singer.

1948.- william gibsonCanadian science fiction writer, one of the fathers of the current of science fiction known as “cyberpunk”.

1951.- kurt russellAmerican actor.

1964.- Rob LoweAmerican actor.

1969.- alexander mcqueenBritish fashion designer.


1584.- Ivan “The Terrible”Russian czar.

1680.- Francois de la RochefoucauldFrench writer.

1976.- Lucino ViscontiItalian film director.

1990.- Germaine Lefebvre,“capucine”, French actress and model.

1993.- Helen HayesAmerican actress.

nineteen ninety five.- Jose Maria ForquéSpanish film director and producer.

nineteen ninety six.- Rene ClementFrench film director.

2002.- Van Tien DungVietnamese general who took Saigon in 1975.

2010.- alex chiltonAmerican musician.

2011.- princess antoinette from Monaco.

2012.- nazir gayed, Shenuda IIIPatriarch of the Coptic Church of Egypt.

2017.- Derek WalcottAntillean writer.

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2019.- Richard Anthony Monsourknown as Dick Dale, American guitarist, member of the group The Ventures, pioneer of the “surf-rock” sound.

2020.- betty williamsBritish pacifist awarded in 1976 with the Nobel Peace Prize.

2021.- John MagufuliPresident of Tanzania.

Source: Elcomercio

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